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South African officials visit University

Three senior researchers from the South African Human Sciences Research Council, Dr Andrew Patterson, Dr Azeem Badroodien and Mr Jacques du Toit, visited the Centre for Labour Market Studies for a week during March, 2003.

The researchers came to consult with staff at CLMS on the conduct of the first comprehensive skills survey to be undertaken in South Africa. Whilst in Leicester, Dr Azeem Badroodien gave a seminar entitled The State of Enterprise Training in South Africa.

CLMS staff were able to use their experience of conducting similar surveys in the United Kingdom, together with their knowledge of research in other countries, to advise on the overall strategy of the research, the methodology, and analysis of the data.  

The survey will be used as one of the main tools for evaluating the new national skills strategy in South Africa.

[Photo: South African officials and University staff]
UNIVERSITY STAFF WELCOME SENIOR RESEARCHERS FROM PRETORIA: Back row, left to right: CLMS staff Mr Johnny Sung and Professor Alan Felstead with Mr Jacques du Toit and Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor John Holloway. Front, left to right: Visitors Dr Andrew Patterson and Dr Azeem Badroodien with CLMS staff Professor David Ashton and Professor Lorna Unwin.

David Ashton

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