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Scarman Centre academic at crisis management conference

Dr Simon Bennett recently spoke at the International Air Transport Association's (IATA's) annual Crisis Management conference in Vancouver. His talk, titled The Impact of Crisis on Shareholder Value, looked at the way in which Pan Am's travails in the 1980s dented confidence in the airline and contributed to its downfall in 1991. 

The Conference was attended by airline CEOs, Safety Managers and others from within the industry, as well as legislators and civil servants. The event was chaired by Tommy McFall, Director of Safety for one of the world's largest carriers, American Airlines. American lost aircraft during the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and lost an Airbus some weeks later over Queens, New York City.

Numerous orders were placed for Dr Bennett's latest University-published monograph, Victims of Hubris? The Decline and Fall of Pan Am and Swissair. Perhaps the most gripping and moving address was given by Captain Mimi Tompkins of Aloha Airlines, who, when a First Officer with Aloha, piloted the Boeing 737 that lost the top of its fuselage at 24,000 feet. Mimi and her Captain brought the aircraft down safely with the loss of only one life - a stewardess who was blown out of the aircraft when the roof ripped off due to metal fatige. Mimi divulged that it took her some 10 years to fully recover from the event, although typically, she continued flying, refusing to give up her battle with stress.

November 2002

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