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Quest for cure

New commemorative history of the United Kingdom Children’s Cancer Study Group marks its achievements

‘Childhood cancer is the big success story of cancer research over the past 25 years’ states Professor Gordon McVie, formerly of The Cancer Research Campaign, in the foreword to Quest for Cure.  

This commemorative history of the UK Children’s Cancer Study Group provides a fascinating insight into the development of the Group. 

Quest for Cure book cover

Twenty-five years ago the UKCCSG was established by just fourteen doctors. Their aims were to improve the management of children with cancer and to advance the knowledge and study of childhood cancers. From that early start the UKCCSG has gone from strength to strength and the improvement in cure rates has been dramatic.

Quest for Cure is designed to appeal to parents/families and professionals alike.  Topics covered include the history of childhood cancer in the UK, development of the UKCCSG and the Data Centre, funding, progress in the treatment of the various tumour types, clinical trials and the future.  

The book is full of colour photographs and interspersed throughout are the stories of the patients themselves, past and present those who survived and those whose lives were cut short. 

Sue Ablett, UKCCSG Executive Director, is Editor in Chief - and admittedly therefore very biased - but sums it up as “a jolly good read, which will provide answers to the many questions that people always ask.”

  • Quest for Cure costs £19.99 for hardback or £9.99 for softback editions, plus £1 postage for overseas orders.  (Unfortunately UKCCSG is not able to accept credit cards).  To place an order, telephone +44 (0)116 249 4460, or email

November 2002

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