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Postgraduate perspectives

The School of Education organised a postgraduate conference, Directions in Educational Research: Postgraduate Perspectives.

It is the first time the School has held the two-day event open also to students from other universities. The event attracted research students from several other universities in the region, including the universities of Warwick, Birmingham and Lincoln.

Professor Paul Cooper of the School of Education delivered the keynote lecture, entitled What, If Anything, is Distinctive about 'Educational' Research?, and Dr Peter Martin led a workshop on Researching Complementary Schools in Leicester.

Other issues broached at the conference in the Fraser Noble Building included:

Language use in EFL classrooms in Taiwan

The impact of international study visits on the leadership of headteachers

Studentsí writing and learning: a study of Taiwanese postgraduates at the University of Leicester

Collegial management within multidisciplinary teams, with reference to behaviour support to Luton schools

Teachersí reflections on classroom discourse: implications for change

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