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Faculty Of Science Anniversary Lecture

Dean of Science Professor John Fothergill introduced Nobel Prize winner Professor Sir Harry Kroto to give the Faculty of Science Public Lecture “Science – a round peg in a square world” on 24 January.

Professor Kroto, adopting his usual entertaining style, gave a wide ranging lecture. As well as mentioning Buckminsterfullerene, the new form of carbon which he discovered in 1985 for which he won the Nobel Prize, he spoke passionately about the way in which science and engineering is portrayed in the modern world. He showed how “scientifically illiterate” much of the public are and how science is often “dumbed down” and misrepresented in the media.

He showed video footage of workshops he holds with children around the world – which included some novel uses for the “buckyball” model! He also showed some extracts from films that his Vega Trust[External Link] has made and that are available over the internet.


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