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Geology reinforcing links with post-16 teachers

Staff from the Geology Department were involved in a really successful event at the weekend (13-16th September), the Earth Science Teachers Association (ESTA) Conference. The conference was based at the British Geological Survey (BGS) at Keyworth from Friday to Sunday.

Roz White, Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Research Fellow, gave a talk entitled 'Mass extinctions: The alternative to deep impact' at the optional INSET day on the Friday. The mass extinction event at the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary is on the A-level syllabus, so Roz's research and talk are both highly relevant. The audience was composed of c. 60 post-16 Earth Science Teachers and, on the strength of her talk, she has been invited to give the presentation at an INSET day in Shropshire. The department received further recognition during a talk given by a BGS scientist and Leicester PhD graduate Mark Williams, who is currently undertaking research with David Siveter and flagged our palaeobiological research group. The department is now looking at ways of becoming involved at more INSET days as they are a very efficient way of contacting a many interested teachers at one event. 

On Sunday, Andy Saunders led a successful fieldtrip to Bardon Quarry in Leicestershire, attended by 16 Earth Science teachers. Sarah Gabbott and Roz White also attended the trip so the department had a high profile presence there too. 

The department also had large numbers of school students and their teachers take part in the BA Young Scientist Day. These activities covered volcanoes, fossils and plate tectonics and were organised and run by Roz White, Sarah Gabbott and Dickson Cunningham respectively.

September 2002

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