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Faculty of Science Annual Lecture 2004

The Faculty of Science Annual Lecture for 2004 was given by Professor James Jackson from the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Cambridge. 

Professor Jackson presented a superb lecture on the theme of 'Living with earthquakes – know your faults', including some stunning visual illustrations of the results of earthquakes in the Middle East.

[Photo: Professor James Jackson]
Professor James Jackson gave the Faculty of Science Annual Lecture
In addition to the technical facts, he was able to link strongly to the human issues. He was able to answer the question—alas, positively—as to whether earthquakes really do occur where people choose to live. The reason is that, in arid parts of the world, the faults that cause earthquakes are the very geological structures that bring water within accessible distance of the surface. Attempts to place some distance between the two include the use of underground water transport systems, whose origins go so far back that they were described by Alexander the Great as “ancient”. Nowadays, the technical solution involves sophisticated building techniques; the economic challenge is to implement these in developing nations.

Rob Hillman

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