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An insight into the 'Secret City'

The University of Leicester's Stanley Burton Centre for Holocaust Studies and the Centre for Translation and Comparative Cultural Studies, University of Warwick held a joint event on Wednesday, March 12 on campus at the University of Leicester when Dr Gunnar S Paulsson introduced his new book, Secret City:The Hidden Jews of Warsaw 1940-1945. 

FOCUS ON RESEARCH: Dr Gunnar Paullsson (centre) with Dr Piotr Kuhiwczak from the University of Warwick (left) and Dr Claudia Prestel, Director of the University's Stanley Burton Centre for Holocaust Studies (right).

Dr Paulsson was senior historian on the Holocaust exhibition project at the Imperial War Museum, lecturer and Koerner Fellow at the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies, Perl-Resnick fellow at the US Holocaust Museum, one-time Commonwealth Scholar, winner of the 1998 Frankel Prize in Contemporary History and editor of an important book, Holocaust and Memory. 

The event was well received by colleagues and the general public. The speaker kept the attention of the audience for more than an hour and this was followed by lively discussion. Dr Paulsson provided a fascinating insight into aspects of the Holocaust which have been neglected by historiography so far, namely the 28,000 Jews who lived in hiding outside the ghetto. 

The topic provides an insight into Jewish-Polish relations during the Holocaust. Reviewers of the book have called it “important”, “formidable”, “amazing and moving”, and “the best, most complete examination we have of the texture of hiding and rescue anywhere in Nazi-occupied Europe”. The timing of the event was of particular importance as the much-acclaimed film The Pianist has just been shown in Leicester cinemas.

Claudia Prestel

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