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Drawing inspiration from the human cell

Art-science collaboration results in stunning screen prints

Visual Inspirations from the Human Cell, an exhibition of screen prints by Artist Judith Devons, is currently on display in the main reception area of Leicester Royal Infirmary's Balmoral Building. The result of a unique art-science collaboration between Judith Devons and her scientist husband Professor Gerry Cohen, Deputy Director of the Medical Research Council's Toxicology Unit at the University of Leicester, these stunning works of art are attracting considerable interest.

[Photo: Judith Devons]
VISUAL 'CELLEBRATION': Artist Judith Devons' prints are inspired by cell images

"We work in very different spheres", says Judith. "I am married to a scientist whose complex work I don't understand, and who admits to confusion over the meaning of most of my conceptual art. Now we've managed to bring these worlds together."

Professor Cohen adds, "All at the MRC are delighted at the way Judith's exhibition has raised our profile in the public eye. It has been particularly appropriate that her work has been sited in a hospital, since our research into the mechanisms of cell malfunction and death has enormous long-term implications in understanding and curing neuro-degenerative diseases, cancer and the results of exposure to toxic substances."

As well as exhibiting in the Leicester Royal Infirmary, Judith's works will also be on view in other Leicester venues before Christmas (details below). Says Judith, "When I first saw the Unit's hugely magnified images of normal and abnormal human cells used for research they suggested radiating eyes, branching trees, swirling fishes, graceful dancers and lunar landscapes, which I then transformed into screen prints in my studio using hand-cut and photographic stencils". [Photo: Cellular Landscape by Judith Devons]
Cellular Landscape by Judith Devons

Expressive Printmaking course

Judith Devons is also the tutor of a new introductory course, Expressive Printmaking, part of the autumn programme at the University's Richard Attenborough Centre. The course offers an introduction to printmaking, and is suitable for all abilities, including those with previous experience and beginners. A new session commences in January next year. [Photo: Cellular Universes by Judith Devons]
Cellular Universes by Judith Devons

Details of Judith Devon's Expressive Printmaking course, which will take place from January to March at the Richard Attenborough Centre, Lancaster Road, Leicester, can be obtained by ringing 0116 252 2455.
From December 2 to February 1, Judith's screen-prints will be on show in the De Montfort Hall (0116 233 3111). Her work can also be seen at Leicester's New Walk Museum from November 14 to December 7 as part of The Leicester Society of Artists' Annual Exhibition, and at the City Gallery Upstairs (telephone 0116 254 0595) from November 22 to December 6 - as part of the Leicester Print Workshop's Annual Exhibition. 

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