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[Pic of Lenny Henry and children] Campus capers for Comic Relief 2003

Red Nose Day, Friday, March 14, saw a flurry of fundraising activity on campus as University staff and students joined in the race to raise money for Comic Relief charities... 

[Photo: LUT member and student]
Let them eat cake!
Morag Clarke (Audio Visual Services - Print) was again busy making cakes for the big day. This year an amazing choice was waiting for the customers - some of whom had started queueing at 9am. All the cakes - coffee date cakes, raspberry buns, red nose day chocolate cakes, orange and raisin loaf, lemon crunch cake, ginger cake and oat crunchies were sold by lunchtime! She was really pleased to be able to deposit 80 in Comic Relief's bank account after her efforts. [Photo: Fundraisers in front of Fielding Johnson Building]
RED ALERT: (left to right) Fundraisers Morag Clarke, Sarah Taylor, Hari Kaur and Diane Fothergill.

Gift wrapped up!
Harabans (Hari) Kaur was a bundle of fun as a collecting box for a day when together she and Diane Fothergill (pictured above) from Admissions and Student Recruitment toured the campus raising an impressive total of 243 for Comic Relief's funds.   [red nose poster with Graham Norton]
Diss is Shakespeare

Students brought a whole new meaning to Literary Criticism in the spirit of Comic Relief!

[Photo: LUT Theatre Group]
Members of Leicester University Theatre 'insulted' passers-by with Shakespearean put-downs in return for money for charity. Later the same day the costumed cussers were pictured in action in a televised review of special events in the area [full story] [Photo: Student jester outside Students' Union Building]

"It's not every day I get to call people 'an infectious sheep-biting barnacle!" - LUT members raising money for charity:

[Photo: LUT members in action for Comic Relief on campus]

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