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Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year

Staff from University administration boost funds for charity

The following members of staff in the University Administration send their best wishes for Christmas and the New Year to their colleagues. Instead of exchanging Christmas cards within the Administration, they have made donations to Rainbows Childrenís Hospice, and a total of £550 has been collected.

Pam Allen, Beaumont Hall

Avril Amey-Harper, Stamford Hall

Geoff Amos, Beaumont Hall

Gail Atkinson, Estates Office

Sue Beagley, Registrarís Office

Stuart Beaton, Stamford Hall

Julie Bennett, Beaumont Hall

Surrinder Bhatia, Estates Office

Mark Boulton, Personnel Office

Simon Britton, Estates Office

Craig Brown, Academic Office

Angela Cantrill, EDSC

Judy  Challis, Beaumont Hall

Richard Clark, EDSC

Pat Cookson, Stamford Hall

Lynne Cox, Beaumont Hall

Irene Creasy, Beaumont Hall

Jan Densley, Switchboard

Pat Dent, Beaumont Hall

John Doidge, Staff Development Centre

David Downton, Research Office

Sally Dunmore, Beaumont Hall

Heather Felce, Stamford Hall

Barbara Gannon, Stamford Hall

Pat Gardiner, Stamford Hall

Paula Gardiner, Beaumont Hall

Katy Garner, Beaumont Hall

Paul Goffin, Estates Office

Sue Goodall, Switchboard

Jon Gorringe, Finance Office

Maxine Gunning, Switchboard

Jasmine Halpine, Personnel Office

Clare Haringman, Finance Office

Hazel Harris, Stamford Hall

Julie Heckling, Beaumont Hall

Colin Hide, Sport and Recreation

Dee Hillman, Stamford Hall

John Holloway, Chemistry

Theresa Holyland, Stamford Hall

Sally Houllihan, Beaumont Hall

Ian Redman, Finance Office

Anwen James, Conference Office                                                

Jenny Jones, Estates Office

Tracey Jones, Beaumont Hall

Keith Julian, Registrarís Office

Ann Kennedy, Beaumont Hall

Emma Kettle, Conference Office

Anna Kimble, International Office

Clifford Knowles, Research and Business  Development Office

Liz Kramer, Graduate Office

Sangita Lad, Pro-Vice-Chancellorís Office

Athmane Lamoudi, Beaumont Hall

Gary Leak, Beaumont Hall

Sam Lee, Beaumont Hall

Michaela Lefley, Equal Opportunities & Staff Welfare

Sarah Lindsay, Stamford Hall

Brenda Logue, Switchboard

Barbara Manning, Stamford Hall

Louise Masterman, Graduate Office

Denise McKnight, Graduate Office

Sarah McRobbie, Conference Services

Shirley Moore, Stamford Hall

Elaine Mortimer, Stamford Hall

Julie Mortimer, Stamford Hall

Lois Newman, Stamford Hall

Kate Norman, Beaumont Hall

Patricia Norman, International Office

Maria Paez, Stamford Hall

Elaine Paramor, EDSC

Vicky Parkin, EDSC

Raj Patel, Finance Office

Vivienne Paul, Registarís Office

Amanda Potter, Academic Office

Yvonne Redley, Beaumont Hall

Martyn Riddleston, Finance Office

Nick Robinson, Catering Service

John Scott, Safety Services

Mr Jim Shaw, Estates Office

Brenda Smith, Beaumont Hall

Joan Stenson, Switchboard

Frances Sturman, Stamford Hall

Fran Taboada, Beaumont Hall

Clare Taylor, Welfare Service

Diane Thomason, Safety Services

Gary Toon, Finance Office

Pauline Tunstall, Personnel Office

Jenny Vale, Residential Services

Diane Warburton, Beaumont Hall

Jo Ward, Personnel Office

Jane Wellens, EDSC

Geoff Wheatley, Stamford Hall

Janet Whelan, Graduate Office

Margaret Wild, Stamford Hall

Kathy Williams, Academic Office

Karen Wilson, Stamford Hall

Tim Wragg, Residential and Catering Service

Barbara Wright, Pro-Vice-Chancellorís Office

Diana Wylie, Estates Office

Sandra Young, Stamford Hall

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