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University of Leicester hosts Biological Sciences Trade Fair 

[Photo: General view, Biological Science Trade Exhibition]

The third Trade Fair to be organised by the Biological Sciences Trade Exhibition (BSTE) committee was held in the University of Leicester's Medical Sciences building on April 2. Over 300 people attended this very successful day.

Twenty-four preferred suppliers were invited to the exhibition. The exhibitors took this opportunity to introduce the scientific end users to new products, discuss scientific problems and to provide free literature and samples as required. The aim of the exhibition was to build a bridge between the scientists and the suppliers and this was clearly demonstrated on the day.

One scientist thanked the committee for organising the highly successful trade exhibition, commenting I found it extremely useful for making me aware of new products and reagents - and also I wont have to buy another pen for at least six months!

The suppliers were delighted by the great success of the day. Carron Layfield of Fisher Scientific said: It was absolutely excellent. It was so obvious that a lot of time and attention had been given to the organisation and it really paid off. Pippa Orton of Bibby-Sterilin said: It was a lovely day on a personal basis and fantastic on a business level.

The organising team consisted of Ila Patel, Barbara Birch, Joan Brice, Lynne Robertson, Julie Chamberlain, Sally Coldicott and Angela Thomas. In the past, the exhibition has proved cost effective as it has helped enable informed choices. The day's success should ensure its continuation. [Photo: Biological Trade Fair organisers]

Angela Thomas
Department of Genetics

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