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Exhibition images drawn from Tantric art

The University Centre based in Barrack Road, Northampton, part of the University's Institute of Lifelong Learning, is currently exhibiting work by Lyn Engle, a local artist and a member of the Town and County Art Society.

Lyn is exhibiting a new range of work displaying symbolic colour and geometric forms. These are derived from ancient Tantric art, from which she has drawn inspiration, and which is rapidly gaining recognition in the West.

Tantric though and experience recognises that all existence is governed by a single principle and that there is unity in diversity.

The images displayed are Yantras and Mandalas, evocative of the sixties, but whose representations of cosmic energy transcend reality and wholeness and can be used as an aid to meditation.

Lyn's works will undoubtedly have an impact on the work within the Centre, and are provoking discussion and debate amongst the Centre's students.

The exhibition is open every day from 9.0am to 8.30pm, and there is no charge for admission. All works in the exhibition are on sale. The Centre closes on Fridays at 4.30pm.

For further information, contact Lyn Engle on 01604 770392.

October 2002

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