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New Director for Space Research Centre

Professor George Fraser has taken over from Professor Alan Wells as Director of the University’s Space Research Centre.

Professor Fraser commented: “It is an interesting time for space science at Leicester for a number of reasons. We have recently moved into the new laboratories, clean rooms and offices  provided by the Phase II extension to the Space Research Centre building and are settling down with our new neighbours from the Mathematical Modelling Centre. We are in the run-up to Beagle 2’s landing on Mars, which will take place at Christmas, and a number of new projects are all at critical stages.

“We have recently undergone a major funding review by the Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (PPARC), involving a bid for £3M over four years, and I am also off to the European Space Agency to discuss approvals for  two new projects.”

He sees the Space Research Centre as being in good shape, paying tribute to Alan Wells’ custodianship which, he says, has been very successful at a time of major uncertainties in space funding.

Professor Fraser is principal investigator developing the X-Ray Spectrometer (XRS), one of the instruments mounted on the “PAW” of Beagle 2 – the Mars lander due to set down on the Red Planet on Christmas Day and examine the surface of Mars for signs of life.  

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