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Graduate gets a slice of the action in new television series

University of Leicester Physics graduate Jon Tickle, the 'boffin' Housemate in Channel 4's popular Big Brother House, is again in the spotlight, having secured the role of resident Boffin in Sky One's 'explosive' new series Brainiac.

Whilst in the Big Brother household, Jon earned himself the dubious accolade of a 'science swot', following his comments on the workings of an air-conditioning system and his ideas for new inventions - most notably his idea for a toaster with a delayed release for the second slice of toast. 

Brainiac: Science Abuse aims to answer all the scientific questions that have weighed heavy on the minds of the nation. Hypotheses dreamt up in the playground or questions that have been thought up over a few pints are explained.  

Experimentation in the name of science can be a dangerous pursuit in the wrong hands so Sky One have recruited a crack team of Brainiacs to answer the scientific questions that matter. Richard Hammond, from Top Gear, presents the series, with Jon Tickle fearlessly undertaking a range of experiments with the assistance of his team.  

On Big Brother, Jon shared his would-be inventions with his Housemates  - and millions of TV viewers! Sadly, his disclosures cost him all hope of patent protection for his ideas. But Jon was offered the chance to visit the Patent Office to learn about the right way to go about getting patent protection for his inventions. 

"Jon's idea for a toaster with a delayed release for the second slice of toast could quite probably have been patentable - if only he hadn't told his Housemates all about it!", said Jeremy Philpott, Marketing Executive at the Patent Office.

Now Brainiac Boffin Jon and his team are up for the challenge to find the answer to many regular features in the series, including a Fat vs Thin experiment when a 20-stone man and a six-and-a-half stone man will be put through their paces in a series of tests that will answer Is it Better to be Fat or Thin? And each week a volunteer is invited to get through the high security lock into the Brainiac vault in an attempt to find the best way to break into a safe.

Launched on Thursday, November 13, the Brainiac: Science Abuse promises explosions and pyrotechnics in plenty - and, ironically - for Jon, the solution to the fastest way to make toast without the aid of a toaster!

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