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Finance Office's new website provides a wealth of information

The Finance Office website has recently been updated. Its main sections are as follows:

Student fees

This section contains an online version of the new booklet, A Guide to Tuition Fee Payment, issued by the Cashier's Office to all students. It shows the value of tuition fees for home/overseas students and describes the different ways fees can be paid. Direct Debit instructions and Credit/Debit Card forms can be downloaded and guides are provided for the completion of forms.

Information and forms

The A to Z provides useful information, included the contact person and links to the Finance Office section responsible, relevant forms, and external websites.

The majority of Finance Office forms can be downloaded from this section. Most of the forms have been redesigned to make them easier to complete. Form are available in a variety of pdf, Word and Excel formats, with some guides on their completion. Please use the new forms.

The VAT section will be developed to act as a reference site for all information relating to VAT. At present it provides the latest VAT memos that have been issued.

The layout of the Expenses Manual has been changed to aid finding and printing off specific information quickly. A full pdf version is also provided.

SAP User Guides held on the MIS website can be accessed.

The latest memos issued by the Finance Office to all University departments are listed in date order.

Finance Office sections

The first part is an organisation chart of the Finance Office showing job titles and lines of responsibility.

The second part lists all the offices within the Finance Office, showing all the staff, job title, a description of the work and duties of staff in each office, contact numbers and email addresses.

Visit the new and updated website at

If you would like to suggest any other items for inclusion on this website or comment on its contents, please contact Ian Redman, email

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