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Latest Newspaper Headlines

HEFCE funding of nearly 6 billion provides stability to universities and colleges [HEFCE media release]

Performance indicators show small reduction in drop
-out rates
[HEFCE media release]

Time for the voice of the universities to be heard
[European University Association press release]

The role of universities in the European knowledge society [European University Association press release]

Higher Education White Paper - Summary

Higher Education White Paper - What it means to
students and parents

University of Leicester response to the Higher
Education White Paper

Universities UK:
Fair admissions to higher education - Unversities UK's initial response to Schwartz draft recommendations
Universities and colleges open doors to sport [joint press release with Sport England]
Universities UK response to HEFCE recurrent grants 2004-5
Universities UK response to Tomlinson 14-19 Interim Report
Universities UK criticises Government proposals on university title
Universities UK position on post-qualification admissions
New evidence highlights potential damage of further
research concentration

'Time for hard choices' warns Universities UK President
'Work together for universities' future' urges
Universities UK Chief Executive
Universities UK President takes up office
Universities UK calls into question Government proposals
on university title
Universities UK's initial response to OFFA proposals
Report highlights how universities support the NHS
Study confirms deterrent effect of student debt among
school leavers

Universities UK's response to HE White Paper
Report examines 'fair admissions' to universities
Universities UK publishes guidelines on reducing the risk of
student suicide - report by Leicester expert
Universities UK publishes guidelines on reducing the risk of student suicide - report by Leicester expert
Universities' performance holds up despite underfunding
Universities UK survey reveals fear of debt deterring potential students
Government focus on 'top' universities dangerous, says
Universities UK chief executive
Select Committee report 'unhelpful' - says Universities UK
Diana Warwick intervention in the House of Lords debate
on the Queen's speech - Education Day
Universities UK outlines vision of universities fit for the
Report highlights serious recruitment and retention
difficulties in Higher Education

Diana Warwick leads Lords debate on widening participation [+ full text of speech]
Universities UK welcomes Select Committee call for
increased research

HEFCE [External Link]
Current recruitment will maintain current levels, but big
rises are needed to increase number of lecturers

HEFCE welcomes the Government's investment in science
Research Assessment Exercise database available on-line
on HERO portal site

HERO [Higher Education and Research 
[External Link]
The official gateway site to the UK's universities, colleges and research opportunities

Arts and Humanities Research Board [External Link]

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