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Universities UK welcomes Select Committee call for increased funding

Universities UK today welcomed recommendations on the Research Assessment Exercise by the House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee. The report is an endorsement of the excellent work and management of those involved in research in the higher education sector and of Universities UK's call for increased Government investment in university research.

Diana Warwick, Chief Executive of Universities UK, said: "I am pleased that the Committee endorsed Universities UK's view that the results of the 2001 RAE reflect genuine improvement in the research performance of our universities. The report clearly supports our position that the decision not to fund fully the results of the RAE was demoralising for those who had worked hard for these results."

The report recognises that there needs to be significant extra investment in university research. In its submission to the Government's 2002 Spending Review, Universities UK argued for additional investment in universities of 9.94 billion - 2.6 billion of this is needed for research infrastructure.

Professor Roderick Floud, President of Universities UK said: "The Committee's recommendations now place the onus on the Government for providing the funds to safeguard and enhance university research. It needs to find the resources to build on the success highlighted in the Report,

"We welcome support for our view that there is already sufficient selectivity in research funding and that funds are needed to develop the centres of excellence of the future as well as those of today. We are pleased that the Select Committee recognised the importance of teaching in an environment of active, on-going research as well as the importance of the wider impact of research on society and the economy."

1. The Science and Technology Committee Report, "The Research Assessment Exercise" (HC507), is published on Thursday 25 April. Professor Roderick Floud and Professor Adrian Smith gave evidence to the Select Committee on 30 January 2002 on behalf of Universities UK.

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