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Rosemary Barbaret


The most frequently asked questions of Rosemary Barberet are 'Where are you from?' and 'Where are you now?' That is because Rosemary was born in Connecticut (USA) but with Irish, German and French ancestors, has Spanish citizenship, speaks French and Spanish besides English and commutes at weekends to her husband and two boys in Madrid.

Rosemary was brought up in a family committed to foreign language teaching, and originally planned to do the same, studying French, Spanish and Russian for her first degree. However, a stint as a jail volunteer in her first year of university, plus a fascinating Introduction to Criminology course with English native Piers Beirne attracted her to criminology.

Rosemary's Masters degree involved a six-month stay at a reform school in Spain run by friars, and her PhD thesis was an analysis of violent crime in Spain before, during and after the transition from dictatorship to democracy.

Pioneering Projects

Rosemary left the United States in 1990 and moved to Spain with her husband. She first lectured for Spainís first Masters degree programme in Criminology at the University of Castilla-La Mancha in Albacete (1990-1995) and then became research director and lecturer at the Andalusian Institute of Criminology at the University of Seville (1995-2000). 

During her time in Spain she was involved in a series of pioneering projects, such as Spainís first national self-report youth offending survey and Spainís first violence against women survey. She defines herself as a Ďgeneralistí and her research has also covered business crime, prostitution, women prisoners and cocaine trafficking.

International Focus

Rosemary was attracted to the Scarman Centre because of its international focus and
also because of its broad remit, encompassing not only criminology but also allied
disciplines. She directs the MSc in Criminal Justice by distance learning, teaches
Knowledge and Method on the campus based criminology courses and is known to
her students for her sense of humour. She is currently working on two Home Office
grants and is the programme chair for the second annual conference of the European
Society of Criminology, to be held in Toledo, Spain from September 5-7, 2002.


Name: Rosemary Barberet
Education: BA Georgetown University; MA University of Massachusetts, Boston; PhD University of Maryland
Time at the Centre: since June, 2000
Musical favourites: James Taylor
Hobbies:gardening, cooking

July 2002

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