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Face to face...

...with Jackie Schneider, Lecturer in Crime Prevention and Investigation


Scarman Centre Newsletter

Jackie Schneider

To work and live abroad were goals of Jackie since she was a ten-year-old living in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

Moving to England three years ago on a temporary contract in order to develop a crime reduction concept was the beginning of an interesting journey for Jackie. Falling in love with the country, she decided to stay by accepting a permanent job with the Security and Risk Management group at the Scarman Centre. At the Centre, she is the course director of the MSc in Forensic Investigation by distance learning.
How she ended up in England is a bit complicated. At a very young age, Jackie decided that the only career she wanted to pursue was that of a narcotics officer. After graduating with her BS in Criminology, she accepted a job as a Special Agent in narcotics for the State of Ohio, USA. As fate would have it, a debilitating knee injury cut her career short. At that point she decided to return to academia to fight crime via policy development, which included crime reduction efforts.
Outstanding Teaching Award 

Jackie taught at American universities for a number of years, culminating in an outstanding teaching award. She eventually left academia for several years so that she could conduct crime reduction research at an American think tank, and then in England.
The projects she’s been working on include research on drugs newsgroups and their use in the manufacture of synthetic drugs, the shoplifting patterns of prolific burglars, and the market reduction approach to stolen goods. 

Innovative Strategy 

Jackie has helped West Mercia Constabulary implement the ‘market reduction approach’, an innovative crime reduction strategy that received funding through the Home Office’s Crime Reduction Programme. She co-authored the concept and continues to work with the Constabulary in order to reduce theft. 


Name: Jacqueline L Schneider
Education: AS (Law Enforcement) University of Cincinnati; BS (Criminal Justice) University of Cincinnati; MPA The Ohio State University; PhD (Sociology) University of Cincinatti
Time at the Centre: Since 1 August 2002
Career highlights: Outstanding Faculty of the Year, University of Cincinnati; Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Citizenship, Indianapolis Police
Favourite things: family, great friends, dogs, and jazz

December 2002

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