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Leicester Students Bid to Smash Tequila Record

Over 600 students from the University of Leicester have made an attempt to break the world record for the largest tequila slam shot.

The Leicester students showed much restraint as they gathered outside the Students' Union at 11.30pm, as the tequila has to be knocked back by one student and then in the form of a Mexican wave passes down the rest of the line.

As Katherine Irving, the spokeswoman for the Leicester students Union, commented: ‘It has to be one continuous line.  People could have got bored and emptied their glasses before their turn, but everyone was good. I was really proud of them!’

The Guinness Book of Records had previously endorsed the challenge, with three of their official judges in attendance during the challenge. Guinness representatives now have to examine the video recording and photographic evidence of the record attempt to ascertain whether the students have broken the record.

The competition was tough, with the present record of 500 people being accomplished in New Zealand in September last year, but the Leicester students are hopeful that they will have brought the record home to England.

Source:  Leicester Mercury

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