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Centre for Quebec Studies Hosts Successful Conference

A one-day conference on Aspects of Quebec Culture and Politics, organised by the Centre for Quebec Studies in Conjunction with the Groupe de recherches et d'etudes sur le Canada francais, attracted an appreciative audience of undergraduates, postgraduates, academics and members of the public on the University of Leicester's campus on March 9.

The papers - which covered leval, linguistic, geographical, and literary topics and prompted much lively discussion - were given by Dr Maeve Conrick (University College Cork), Dr John Canning (University of Bristol), Dr Elodie Rousselot (University of Kent), and Dr Catherine Khordoc (University of Limerick).

A particularly stimulating paper on the crucial issue of Bijuralism in the Canadian Federation was given by Jean Leclair of the University of Montreal.

The conference ended on a very high note with a screening of Gilles Carle's importance 1965 film, La Vie Heureuse de Leopold Z, introduced by Professor Bill Marshall of the University of Glasgow.

The conference was generously supported by the Canadian High Commission and the Quebec Government Office in London.

Christopher Rolfe
March 2002

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