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Current interest in work experience
Susannah Zadeh with Professor Len Dissado WORKING ENVIRONMENT:
Susannah Zadeh carrying out an experiment in the Department of Engineering,  supervised by Professor Len Dissado

[pic: Paul Smith]

Work experience is popular - it provides an insight into the world of work in convenient taster packages. Many sections of the University offer such experience - and the Department of Engineering is no exception. Keen to take advantage of this opportunity recently was sixteen-year-old Susannah Zadeh, who spent a week working in the High Voltage Laboratory of this Department. 

Under the supervision of Professor Len Dissado and Dr Will Peasgood, she carried out experiments to determine the amount of electric charge that could be injected into samples of cable insulation when a high voltage was applied to them. This property is instrumental in determining the survival of the insulation under service conditions. Susannah's work had a plus side - it identified some new features that can be developed further, with eventually publication in mind.

Susannah attends St Paul's Girls' School in Hammersmith, and she has just finished her GCSEs. She is extremely interested in science and music - she intends to take Music, Physics, Mathematics and Further Mathematics at A-level - and her current ambition is to study either science or a science-based subject at University.

Susannah's placement was self-arranged. The Department of Engineering also finds work experience for students on a national scheme for 16-year-olds.

July 2002

Susannah Zadeh working in the Department of Engineering

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