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Chaplaincy Celebrates Ten Years with a Birthday Party

Farewell presentation to Ian McIntosh

The Christian Chaplaincy to the University held a birthday party to celebrate ten years on Wednesday, February 6. 

Although there have been chaplains working in the University since 1957, it wasn't until October 1991 that the churches committed themselves to working together formally. The party was attended by many current staff and students as well as those from local churches who have supported the work of the chaplains.

The occasion also marked a farewell to Ian McIntosh, the Church of England chaplain. "I will miss the quality of the teamwork that has been present within the Chaplaincy over the last six years", he said. "I am also very pleased with the way in which the Chaplaincy has become embedded in the life of the University. I have immensely valued the partnerships with so many of the University staff."

Two new Chaplains

Two new chaplains have recently joined the team. The Revd Sam McBratney comes from Lincolnshire to be the Methodist chaplain and Mr Roy Millward, from Leicester, is to be the Quaker chaplain. Both have interests in the relationships between world faith communities and will be involved in a wide range of activities both on campus and in the halls of residence.

February 2002

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