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Capitalising on Connections

The Economics Department capitalised on its international connections recently when it participated in a joint Conference on Human Capital and the Labour Market in Bochum, Germany, on April 25-26. 

The Conference was organised with the Graduate College in Collective Resource Allocation Decisions, based at Bochum and Dortmund Universities in association with the RWI Research Institute, Essen, to inaugurate the College’s third three-year phase of funding. This Graduate College is one of only six in economics in Germany. It is fully funded by the German Science Foundation, as was the Conference. 

Six Leicester economists (Professor Clive Fraser, who organised arrangements for Leicester, Drs Sarah Brown, Martin Hoskins, Karl Taylor, Stephen Wheatley Price, and PhD candidate Massimo Antonini) presented papers at the Conference, together with an equal number of German contributions. 

Overall, more than forty economists attended two full days of presentations and intensive discussions on a mix of applied and theoretical papers. There was much cross-comparison of UK and German labour market experience and policies. 

Professor Fraser, who established the Leicester-Bochum-Dortmund link in 1998, remarked, “As an international research-orientated Department, we think it is extremely important to develop further our high research profile in continental Europe, and to continue to bring our expertise to the attention of prospective research collaborators and PhD students there. Specialist 'field' Conferences, like the one in Bochum, are a very effective instrument for achieving this aim.” 

Clive D Fraser
May 2002

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