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Galaxies to Observe with the Faulkes Telescope


This is a list of galaxies that can be observed with the Faulkes Telescope. They are split into sections: spirals, barred spirals, ellipticals and irregulars. The information about each galaxy is given in the table. The first column is the name of the galaxy, the second and third are the co-ordinates of where to find it in the sky. The fourth column is the magnitude which is a measure of the brightness of the object, the fifth is the galaxy's classification, eg Sa or E3. The final two columns are the orientation of the galaxy to the observer - whether we see it face on or edge on - and the telescope that the galaxy can be viewed from (either Australia or Hawaii). The galaxies are listed in order of classification, so spirals are listed from S0 to Sc, barred spirals from SBa to SBc and ellipticals from E0 to E7.

The coordinates are given in Right Ascension and Declination. Right Ascension is given in hours, minutes and seconds and is like longitude on Earth. 00h is the equivalent of the Greenwich meridian, and the 360° full circle of the sky is split into 24 hours. The RA coordinate therefore determines the position of the object with respect to the 00h line.

Declination is the 'up and down' angle of the galaxy in the sky compared to the equator. A negative value is below the equator and a positive value is above it. Declination is measured in degrees, arcminutes and arcseconds. There are 60 arcseconds in an arcminute and 60 arcminutes in a degree.

Right Ascension and Declination
See the section on the Hubble Tuning Fork diagram for more information on how galaxies are classified.

Spiral galaxies

Name RA Dec M Class Orientation Visible From
NGC 0584 01h 31m 20.61s -06d 52m 04s 11.44 S0 - Australia
NGC 3630 11h 20m 17s +02d 57m 52s 12.91 S0 - Hawaii
NGC 4958 13h 05m 48.8s -08d 01m 12.8s 12.11 S0 - Australia
NGC 1461 03h 48m 27.1s -16d 23m 34.2s 13.19 S0 - Australia
NGC 1302 03h 13m 51.2s -26d 03m 38.2s 11.69 Sa Face on Australia
NGC 3190 10h 18m 05.8s +21d 49m 55.8s 12.12 Sa Edge on Hawaii
NGC 4772 12h 53m 29.04s +02d 10m 02.4s 11.96 Sa Edge on but with good structure Hawaii
NGC 4845 12h 58m 01.3s +01d 34m 33s 12.10 Sa Edge on Hawaii
NGC 4378 12h 25m 18s +04d 55m 29.8s 12.63 Sa Face on Hawaii
NGC 0718 01h 53m 13.3s +04d 11m 44s 12.59 Sa Face on Hawaii
NGC 3281 10h 31m 52s -34d 51m 13.3s 12.70 Sa Edge on but with good structure Australia
NGC 3449 10h 52m 53.7s -32d 55m 43.2s 12.19 Sa Edge on but with good structure Australia
NGC 0615 01h 35m 05.7s -07d 20m 26.5s 12.47 Sb Edge on but with good structure Australia
NGC 1425 03h 42m 11.2s -29d 53m 35.4s 11.87 Sb Edge on but with excellent structure Australia
NGC 3887 11h 47m 04.6s -16d 51m 16.4s 11.41 Sb Face on Australia
NGC 5740 14h 44m 24.4s +01d 40m 48s 12.56 Sb Face on Australia and Hawaii
NGC 6384 17h 32m 24.3s +07d 03m 38s 11.14 Sb Face on, good structure Hawaii
NGC 0772 01h 59m 19.8s +19d 00m 30s 11.09 Sb Face on Hawaii
NGC 5371 13h 55m 40s +40d 27m 42.5s 11.32 Sb Face on, excellent structure Hawaii
NGC 3254 10h 29m 19.9s +29d 29m 30s 12.41 Sb Edge on Hawaii
NGC 0309 00h 56m 42.7s -09d 54m 49.7s 12.50 Sc Face on Australia
NGC 3433 10h 52m 04s +10d 08m 54s 12.29 Sc Face on Hawaii
NGC 3486 11h 00m 23.9s +28d 58m 30s 11.05 Sc Face on, untidy arms Hawaii
NGC 5085 13h 20m 17.7s -24d 26m 24.5s 12.97 Sc Face on Australia
NGC 5317 13h 56m 12s +05d 00m 53s 11.17 Sc Face on, excellent structure Hawaii
NGC 2997 09h 45m 38.65s -31d 11m 25.1s 10.06 Sc Face on, excellent structure Australia

Barred Spiral Galaxies

All barred spirals here are orientated face-on.

Name RA Dec M Class Visible from
NGC 1452 03h 45m 22.37s -18d 38m 00s 12.76 SBa Australia
IC 5240 22h 41m 52.4s -44d 46m 02s 12.78 SBa Australia
NGC 4314 12h 22m 32s +29d 53m 43.6s 11.43 SBa Hawaii
NGC 1512 04h 03m 54.3s -43d 20m 56.7s 11.13 SBa Australia
M 95 10h 43m 57.8s +11d 42m 14s 10.53 SBb Hawaii
NGC 0613 01h 34m 18.24s -29d 25m 07.5s 13.35 SBb Australia
NGC 0986 02h 33m 34.4s -39d 02m 37.3s 12.00 SBb Australia
M 91 12h 35m 26.4s +14d 29m 46.9s 10.96 SBb Hawaii
NGC 5850 15h 07m 07.7s +01d 32m 39.0s 11.54 SBb Hawaii
NGC 1365 03h 33m 36.4s -36d 08m 24.5s 10.32 SBc Australia
NGC 1073 02h 43m 40.6s +01d 22m 34s 11.47 SBc Australia and Hawaii
NGC 2835 09h 17m 52.9s -22d 21m 18.3s 11.018 SBc Australia
NGC 4535 12h 34m 20.3s +08d 11m 53.8s 10.59 SBc Hawaii
NGC 4731 12h 51m 01s -06d 23m 33.9s 11.90 SBc Australia and Hawaii
NGC 7496 23h 09m 47.3s -43d 25m 39.8s 11.91 SBc Australia

Elliptical Galaxies

Name RA Dec M Class Visible from
NGC 1379 03h 36m 03.9s -35d 26m 29s 12.64 E0 Australia
M 105 10h 47m 49.6s +12d 34m 54.8s 10.24 E0 Hawaii
NGC 0533 01h 25m 31.4s +01d 45m 32.8s 12.41 E3 Australia and Hawaii
NGC 1700 04h 56m 56.3s -04d 51m 54.9s 12.20 E3 Australia
NGC 0720 01h 53m 0.5s -13d 44m 18.4s 11.16 E5 Australia
NGC 4473 12h 29m 48.9s +13d 25m 45.7s 11.16 E5 Hawaii
M 59 12h 42m 02.4s +11d 38m 48s 10.57 E5 Hawaii
NGC 3377 10h 47m 42.3s +13d 59m 08.3s 111.24 E6 Hawaii
NGC 4697 12h 48m 35.9s -05d 48m 02s 10.14 E6 Australia
NGC 4342 12h 23m 39.1s +07d 03m 14s 13.41 E7 Hawaii
NGC 4623 12h 42m 10.7s +07d 40m 37s 13.24 E7 Hawaii

Irregular Galaxies

Name RA Dec M Visible from
NGC 4027 11h 59m 30.5s -19d 15m 44s 11.66 Australia
NGC 4039 12h 01m 53.8s -18d 53m 06.3s 11.08 Australia
ARP 240 13h 39m 54.9s +00d 50m 08s - Australia and Hawaii
KPG 052 02h 02m 15.6s -00d 06m 34s - Australia and Hawaii
M 51 13h 29m 52.7s +47d 11m 43s 8.96 Hawaii

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Authors: Carolyn Brinkworth and Claire Thomas

Last updated: July 2001