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Welcome to The Virtual Autopsy - a newly revised site based on the original Virtual Autopsy sites. If you are familiar with the previous sites, you will have no problems navigating this one as the layout is the same. If you are new to The Virtual Autopsy - do not fear, this site is very easy to navigate.

The site looks best on a minimum 800x600 display using Netscape Navigator (version 3 or higher) or Internet Explorer (version 2 or higher). The site looks just as good on a 1024x768 display. In fact, the site has been designed so that the pictures/graphics look the same regardless of display settings (if you have a huge monitor with a 1280x1084 display, the site looks virtually the same with only the interactive cadaver and the text being small).


On the main menu, the cases are listed down the left hand side. Clicking on one of these will take you to the main case screen.


You can read the case history, and then read the autopsy reports for that case. This is done by clicking on the labels on the "Interactive Cadaver" on the left of the screen. Each system is labelled, and has a separate autopsy report including some pictures. Note that in some cases, some words, terms or phrases may be highlighted in blue, clicking on this text will give you more information.

If at anytime you need to go back to the history, click on the "Return to history" button at the bottom of the screen. If at anytime you want to return to the main menu or to choose another case, then clicking on the "Return to main menu" button will take you back to the main menu.

Once you have read the history and autopsy reports, click on the "Cause of death" button at the bottom of the screen.


On the "cause of death" screen, you are given several different options for the cause of death, only one of these is correct! If you select a wrong option, you are told so and are given a hint to lead you to the right option, you will then return to all the options in 15 seconds. You can return before 15 seconds by pressing "back" on your explorer/navigator toolbar or by pressing the "Cause of death" button at the bottom of the screen.


When you get the right answer, you get the "correct" screen, giving you more information. At the bottom of this screen there are two options, clicking the "Anatomy & Physiology" button takes you to several anatomy and physiology mini-tutorials. To choose another case click the "Choose another case" button - this takes you back to the main menu.



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