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[*] This site was created in Summer 2001 [*]


It is back, the original THE VIRTUAL AUTOPSY created by me Ajay Mark Verma.

This site combines the fresh new look and new cases of VIRTUAL AUTOPSY 2 created by Ruth Mackay and myself with the original cases of THE VIRTUAL AUTOPSY created by Tim Taylor.

In this complete version, I brought together cases 14 (created by Ruth), cases 58 by me and cases 918 (created by Tim). This combined site is the culmination of five years work and I hope it is clear to see how much work has gone into this site. Many painstaking hours have been spent piecing both old sites together to give you the same format and features on every one of the 18 cases.

The concept of Virtual Autopsy was born 5 years ago when Tim Taylor a medical student at the University of Leicester, created this site as part of a medical informatics special study module. The project was so big that he was commissioned to complete the site after the end of the study module.

Anybody who remembers the original site will recall the easy-to-use format and the amazing features which made the site a phenomenal success. This original idea of 10 case studies with information to try and elucidate the cause of death scored millions of hits and received extensive press coverage.

In September 1999, myself and Ruth both medical students, undertook a project to create more cases for The Virtual Autopsy. This was again as part of a medical informatics special study module.

We decided that Tim's work was so immense that we did not want to alter it, so we created Virtual Autopsy 2 with 8 new cases and a new fresh look (based mainly on Ruth's design).

The site went online in February 2000 and the original site was placed on the university server only as an archive. The overall success of Virtual Autopsy 2 matched that of the original site and the number of hits scored gradually grew culminating with an amazing 120 000+ hits in the first week of April 2001.

However, despite the huge success, hundreds of e-mail requests were received requesting access to the original cases as 8 cases was not enough! In early 2001, the decision was made and I was commissioned to combine the two sites to make a new larger site.

And here it is, after several months of planning and work, THE VIRTUAL AUTOPSY with all 18 cases on one site - all in the newer high-tech looking format with slight modifications to improve navigation for visitors, I hope you enjoy The Virtual Autopsy experience good luck with the cases.


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