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Different views in WORD

When we type documents into WORD they can be presented to us in different ways:

    • Draft View
    • Print Layout (or Reading Layout)
    • Outline view
    • Print Preview
    • Navigation Pane
    • Zoom

The first 3 of these can be viewed by making a selection in the VIEW menu. By choosing these different options, you will see that same document presented in different ways that provide different advantages.

The 4th option, Print Preview is located in the FILE menu.

The 5th option, Navigation Pane (probably 'Thumbnails' is the closest in WORD 2007).

The 6th feature Zoom, is just the facility to zoom the screen image to different enlargements - a very useful feature.

** You can look at the present document in each of these views to see how they vary.

So, why are these options worth looking at?