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Essay Questions

Draw on at least two theorists, not listed in the core readings of this module in your answer for each question.

  1. Examine the theoretical and methodological problems associated with viewing the media in terms of effects? Discuss in relevance to research.
  2. Discuss the concept of "powerful media" as developed by the mass audience theory. In which assumptions is it based? What has been its contribution to the development of media audiences' research?
  3. What is the contribution of 'cultural indicators' research to our understanding of the media-audience relationship? How relevant is it today?
  4. 'Media violence is a significant cause of social violence.' Discuss this statement and make a case for whether it is true or false.
  5. What do scholars within the Cultural Studies tradition mean when they say that media audiences are active? In which ways can audiences be active? Discuss with reference to research.
  6. Develop, discuss and critique the role of the everyday context in media consumption. How does the home environment affect the activities and interpretations of media audiences?
  7. What is the significance of the commercial measuring and tracking of the audiences in the overall academic study of the audiences? Discuss with reference to research.
  8. In what ways are race and ethnicity significant in the production and/or consumption of media messages?
  9. How has knowledge of 'fandom' and fan activities have contributed to our understanding of media audiences? Discuss with reference to research.
  10. Drawing on relevant research critically discuss how new media have blurred the lines between media consumers and producers.