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8.9 Guide to Reading

You should now access the following two journal articles:

Dubbeld, L. (2005) 'The role of technology in shaping CCTV surveillance practices', Information, Communication and Society, 8 (21): 84-100.

Lyon, D. (2002) 'Everyday Surveillance: Personal data and social classifications', Information, Communication and Society, 5 (2): 242-257.

Additional Reading

Visit the 'Surveillance and Society' website ( and download the paper below to gain more insight into the human element of CCTV systems

Smith, G. (2007) 'Exploring Relations between watchers and watched in control (led) systems: Strategies and tactics', Surveillance and Society, 4 (4): 280-313.

The following article explores many of the biometric issues discussed above within the context of Foucault's notions of discipline and power:

Epstein, C. (2007) 'Guilty Bodies, Productive Bodies, Destructive Bodies: Crossing the Biometric Borders', International Political Sociology; 1 (2): 149-164.