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Photograph of the Guildhall in Leicester


Volume 86 for 2012 (Searchable)

Transactions Article Author(s)
Late Mesolithic and beaker Assemblages from Excavations at Loughborough Road, Asfordby pp.1-36 Wayne Jarvis
Middle Bronze Age Cremation Burials at Countesthorpe, Leicestershire pp.37-48 Richard O'Neill
Burrough Hill, Leicestershire: Excavations at the hillfort in 1960, 1967 and 197071 pp.49-102 J. Taylor, J. Thomas, C. Haselgrove
Helmets, Ingots and Idols: An Update on the Hallaton Hoard pp.103-116 Vicki Score
Excavations of an early Roman fort and Watling Street at Wigston Parva, 1969 to 1970 pp.117-134 Elizabeth Hartley, Paul Bidwell
A Romano-British silver and gold finger ring from Drayton II Villa pp.135-138 Ian Marshman
The Medieval Priory at Hinckley pp.139-148 Anthony G. Wallis
The Financial Transactions of an Archdeacon, 160420 pp.149-164 Dave Postles
Thomas Roberts and the Leicester Map dated 1741 pp.168-182 John Seary
John Mitchinson: Contender for the Suffragan Bishopric of Leicester pp.183-192 Gerald Rimmington
Reviews pp.193-202  
Archaeology in Leicestershire and Rutland 2011 pp.205-270 ed. John Thomas
Report and Officers pp.271-278  
Index pp.279-290  

Volume 85 for 2011 (Searchable)

Transactions Article Author(s)
A Neolithic Mortuary Enclosure at Leicester Road, Melton Mowbray pp.1-20 James Harvey
Bronze Age Ring Ditches and Pit Alignments at Mill Lane, Earl Shilton pp.21-49 Wayne Jarvis
An Iron Age Boundary System and Roman Burials at Leicester Lane, St Johns, Enderby pp.51-71 James Harvey
An Early to Mid First Century AD Settlement at Cadeby, Leicestershire pp.73-96 Gavin Speed
The A-Bracteate from Scalford, Leicestershire pp. 97-105 Charlotte Behr
The Medieval Parks of Beaumanor, Loughborough and Burley: New Archaeology and a Reassessment of the Historical Evidence pp.107-121 Andy Kirkland
Thomas Roberts's 1741 (1714) Map of Leicester pp.123-138 Robert Hills
Old Wealth or New Money? The Landed Classes of Mid Victorian Leicestershire pp.139-154 Peter Shipley
Clerical Incumbents in Rutland between the Two World Wars pp.155-163 Gerald Rimmington
W.G. Hoskins and the Victoria County History in Leicestershire pp. pp.165-191 John Beckett
Reviews pp.193-198  
Archaeology in Leicestershire and Rutland 2010 pp.199-264 ed. John Thomas
Report and Officers pp.165-169  
Index pp.271-279  

Volume 84 for 2010

Transactions Article Author(s)
Presidential Address. New Directions in the Study of Anglo-Saxon Sculpture pp.1-25 Rosemary Cramp
The Excavation of an Enclosed Iron Age Settlement at Hallam Fields, Birstall, Leicestershire pp.27-75 Gavin Speed
A Roman 'Delicatessen' at Castle Street, Leicester pp.77-94 Vicki Score
Medieval Plots along Sutton Road, Great Bowden, Leicestershire pp.95-116 Jim Brown
A Medieval Undercroft, Tenements and Associated Buildings at 9 St Nicholas Place, and Related Sites, Leicester pp.117-149 Roger Kipling
Record and Representation: The Minute Book of the Arnesby Particular pp.151-163 Richard Hunt
Excavation on the Site of the Hospital of St John the Baptist, Mill Farm, Lutterworth, Leicestershire pp.165-187 Vicki Score
History of the Deserted Medieval Village of Whittington, Ratby pp.189-212 Michael Ball and Doug Harwood
Sunken-Featured Buildings on a Late Romano-British Farmstead, Rectory Lane, Appleby Magna, Leicestershire pp.213-222 Sophie Clarke
The Return of Owners of Land and the Transformation of the 1870s pp.223-250 Dave Postles
The Smeeton Westerby Suffragette pp. 251-277 Jess Jenkins
Leicester and the growth of Footwear Distribution, 1850-1914 pp. 279-301 David Holmes
Methodist Churches in Leicestershire 1945-80 pp. 303-315 Gerald Rimmington
Reviews pp. 317-321 Ed. Graham Jones
Obituary: Dr Alan McWhirr pp. 323-330 Marilyn Palmer
Obituary: David Tyrrwhit-Drake Clarke pp.331-334 Robert A Rutland
Correspondence pp.335-336  
Archaeology in Leicestershire and Rutland 2009 pp. 338-366 Ed. John Thomas
Report and Officers pp.367-371  
Index pp.373-380  


Volume 83 for 2009 (Searchable)

Transactions Article Author(s)
Ashby Folville to Thurcaston: The Archaeology of a Leicestershire Pipeline. Part 2: Iron Age and Roman Sites pp.1-61 Richard Moore
The Excavation of a Roman Cemetery at 21-33 Newarke Street, Leicester pp.63-102 Michael Derrick
A Medieval Drawing of Leicester pp.103-112 Julian Luxford
Excavation of a Medieval Post-mill Mound at Manor Farm, Humberstone, Leicester pp.113-129 John Thomas
The Leicestershire Lin: A River through Time pp.131-154 Ernest Miller and Anthony Squires
The Ecological and Environmental Contours of an Early-modern Small Town: Loughborough, 1540-1640 pp.155-174 David Postles
Development of the Boot and Shoe Industry in Leicester during the Nineteenth Century pp.175-218 David Holmes
Late Victorian and Clerical Incumbents in Rutland pp.219-228 Gerald T Rimmington
Reviews pp.229-237  
Archaeology in Leicestershire and Rutland 2008 pp.241-271 Tim Higgins and Nicholas J Cooper (eds)
Correspondence p.272  
Report and Officers pp.273-277  
Index pp.279-289  

Volume 82 for 2008 (Searchable)

Transactions Article Author(s)
Ashby Folville to Thurcaston: the Archaeology of a Leicestershire Pipeline. Part 1: the Prehistoric Sites pp.1-38 Richard Moore
Taking Stock in the Late Bronze Age to Early Iron Age Transition: a crowding alley and settlement site at Hamilton, Leicester pp.39-78 Matthew Beamish and Martin Shore
A late Roman coin hoard and burials, Garley's Field, Ketton, Rutland pp.79-112 Simon Carlyle
Jews, Jurats and the Jewry Wall: a name in context pp.113-133 Oliver D. Harris
The Leicestershire Manor of Whestone and Trinity College Cambridge pp.135-169 Ian Payne
Gaddesby: a Decorated Church in its Social and Cultural Context pp.171-188 Alistair Mutch
Marriage, Morals and Money pp.189-204 Anne Tarver
Working in an Eary-Modern Small Town: Loughborough, 1580-1650 pp.205-228 Dave Postles
Evangelicalism in Late Victorian Leicester pp.229-243 Gerald T Rimmington
The Black Economy in the Soar Valley 1945-1971 pp.245-254 Stephen Joyce
Obituary: Geoffrey Haward Martin pp.255-256 Aubrey Newman
Reviews pp.257-273 Graham Jones
Archaeology in Leicestershire and Rutland 2007 pp.275-298 Nicholas J Cooper and Diane Randle
Report and Officers pp.299-303  
Index pp.305-314  


Volume 81 for 2007 (Searchable)

Transactions Article Author(s)
Prehistoric Multiple Linear Ditches and Pit Alignments on the route of the Oakham Bypass, Rutland pp.1-33 Vicky Mellor
Three Bronze Age Round Barrows at Cossington: a History of Use and Re-use pp.35-63 John Thomas
Medieval Rothley: Manor, Soke and Parish pp.65-87 Vanessa McLoughlin
Aylestone Hall: The Biography of a Medieval Manor House pp.89-125 Neil Finn
With the Best Will in the World or Where there's a Will, is there a Way? pp.127-135 Dave Postles
Congregationsalism and Society in Leicestershire and Rutland 1919-1966 pp.137-152 Gerald T. Rimmington
Obituary: Levi Fox 1914-2006 pp.171-172 Chris Dyer
Archaeology in Leicestershire and Rutland 2006 pp.173-235 ed. Sam Bocock and Nicholas J. Cooper
Report and Officers pp.237-241  
Index pp.243-249