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Photograph of the Guildhall in Leicester



Volume 80 for 2006 (Searchable)

Transactions Article Author(s)
Archaeological Assesssment of the Trent-Soar Confluence Zone pp.1-26 Lynden Cooper
A provisional List of the Medieval Woodlands of Leicestershire c.1200-c.1350 pp.27-30 Anthony Squires
'Ring Out Those Bells': Death and the Social Order in Early-Modern Leicestershire pp.31-42 Dave Postles
Black Annis and her Bower: the Making of a Legend pp.43-60 Bob Trubshaw
An Analysis of the Timber Framework of 'Oram Cottage', Knighton, Leicester pp.61-70 Sophie Clarke
Four Handel Oratorio Libretti published by John Gregory of Leicester, 1759-1774 pp.71-100 Patrick J. Boylan
'Old Black': the Life of Major General C.G. Blackader, 1869-1921 pp.101-122 Robin Jenkins
Joseph Herbert Morcom, Sculptor 1871-1942 pp.123-150 Alan McWhirr
Leicester Becomes a City 1919 pp.151-162 John Bennett
Clerical Incumbents in Leicestershire between the Two World Wars pp.163-176 Gerald T. Rimmington
Reviews pp.177-190  
The Waite Collection. Historic Environment Record and Pleistocene Fauna of Leicestershire: a Critical Assessment by the National Ice Age Network pp.191-196 M. Stephens, L. Cooper, T.Hopkinson
Rituals, Hoards and Helmets:a Ceremonial Meeting Place of the Corieltavi pp.197-208 Vicki Score
Investigating the Origins of Great Easton, Leicestershire: Community Archaeology Meets the 'Big Dig' pp.209-214 Nicholas J. Cooper, Vicki Score
Archaeology in Leicestershire and Rutland 2005 pp.215-246 ed. Nicholas J. Cooper
Reports pp.247-252

Volume 79 for 2005 (Searchable)

Transactions Article Author(s)
Bronze Age settlement at Ridlington, Rutland Matthew Beamish et al
A Roman Cemetery in Clarence Street, Leicester Rhodri Gardner
A Stone 'Celtic' Human Head from Harby, Leicestershire Leslie Cram, Martin Henig, Keith Ambrose
Tithing at Houghton on the Hill, Leicestershire in the Eighteenth Century Keith Oldham
Reverend Manton and the Tithes of Houghton on the Hill Anne Tarver
An East Midlands Call: Its Context and Some Consequences. A History of Clarendon Park Congregational Church Clyde Binfield
Archaeology in Leicestershire and Rutland 2004: ed. Nicholas Cooper
Annual Report  

Volume 78 for 2004 (Searchable)

Transactions Article Author(s)
Iron Age Enclosures at Enderby and Huncote, Leicestershire James Meek, Martin Shore and Patrick Clay
Iron Age Settlement and Romano-British Enclosures at Coventry Road, Hinckley, Leicestershire Pat Chapman et al
The Bosworth Crucifix John Ashdown Hill
The Due Tenth: Problems of the Leicestershire Tithing Process 1560-1640 Anne Tarver
Camden and the Rediscovery of England R C Richardson
The Oxford Movement in Leicester in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries Gerald Rimmington
Archaeology in Leicestershire and Rutland 2003 ed. Richard Buckley and Sam George
Annual Report  

Volume 77 for 2003 (Searchable)

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The Lost Village of Andreschurch A.E. Brown
10-14 Churchgate: Hallaton's Lost Manor House? Nick Hill
Between Two Forests: The Social and Topographic Evolution of Medieval Anstey Paul Courtney
Excavations of a Medieval Toft and Croft at Cropston Road, Anstey, Leicestershire Jennifer Browning and Tim Higgins
Opposition to the First World War: The Fate of Conscientious Objectors in Leicester Malcolm Elliott
The History of Electricity Supply in Leicestershire up to Nationalisation in 1947 Peter Neaverson
Methodism in Leicestershire between the Two World Wars Gerald T Rimmington
Archaeology in Leicestershire and Rutland 2002 ed. Richard Buckley and Sam George
Annual Report  

Volume 76 for 2002 (Searchable)

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Lower and Middle Palaeolithic Leicestershire and Rutland Anne Graf
The Confraternity Seals of Burton Lazars Hospital and a Newly-discovered Matrix from Robertsbridge, Sussex David Marcombe
Migrant Memories, Migrant Lives: Polish National Identity in Leicester since 1945 Kathy Burrell
A Creswellian campsite, Newtown Linford Lynden Cooper
Archaeology in Leicestershire and Rutland 2001 ed. Richard Buckley
Annual Report  

Volume 75 for 2001 (Searchable)

Two Late Glacial finds from north-west Leicestershire

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Leicestershire and Rutland in the First Millennium BC Patrick Clay
An Iron Age Inhumation Burial from Rushey Mead, Leicester Richard Pollard
The Manor House, Medbourne: The Development of Leicestershire’s Earliest Manor House Nick Hill
The Nichols Archive Project and its Value for Leicestershire Historians Julian Pooley
Thomas Robinson: Evangelical Clergyman in Leicester, 1774-1813 Gerald T. Rimmington
Lynden Cooper and Roger Jacobi
Archaeology in Leicestershire and Rutland 2000 ed. Richard Buckley

Volume 74 for 2000 (Searchable)

Transactions Article Author(s)
John Nichols and his Circle pp.1-20 Rosemary Sweet
The Building of Quenby Hall, Leicestershire - a Reassessment pp.21-36 Adrian Green and R.T. Schadla Hall
Lord's Place, Leicester: An Urban Aristocratic House of the 16th Century pp.37-58 Paul Courtney
Housing the Leicester Framework Knitters: History and Archaeology pp.59-78 Marilyn Palmer
Califat Colliery, Swannington Common: Site History and Excavation Report pp.79-98 Peter Neaverson
Railways: Documentation and Observation pp.99-111 John Gough
A Bronze Age Ditch and Iron Age Settlement at Elms Far, Humberstone, Leicestershire pp.113-111 Bethan Mair Charles, Andrew Parkinson and Stuart Foreman
Obituary: J Daniell pp.221-222  
Archaeology in Leicestershire and Rutland 1999 pp.223-259 ed. Richard Buckley
Annual Report pp.262-263

Volume 73 for 1999 (Searchable)

Transactions Article Author(s)
The Neolithic and Bronze Age of Leicestershire and Rutland pp.1-18 Patrick Clay
Early Castles in the Medieval Landscape of Rutland pp.19-33 Oliver Creighton
Enclosure and Landholding in the Soar Valley pp.34-44 Stephen Joyce
Further Light on the Manors of Burton Overy pp.45-55 Ian Payne
Bishop W.C. Magee, the Revd F.W. Robinson and a New Late Victorian Parish in Leicester pp.56-69 Gerald T. Rimmington
Obituary - Dr. D. Williams pp.70-71  
Note - New Light on a Suspected Roman Road between Ratcliffe on Soar and Leicester pp.72-79 Stephen Lycett
Archaeology in Leicestershire and Rutland 1998 pp.80-123 ed. Richard Buckley

Volume 72 for 1998 (Seachable)

Transactions Article Author(s)
A Middle Iron Age site at Wanlip, Leicestershire pp. 1-91 Matthew Beamish
New evidence for the northern defences of Roman Leicester: an archaeological excavation at Cumberland Street pp.92-109 Lynden Cooper
Saxon and medieval Leicester: the making of an urban landscape pp.110-145 Paul Courtney
Fathers, sons and brothers: two Victorian families pp. 146-153 R. H. Evans


Early Leicestershire castles p.154

A Roman signet ring from Hinckley pp.154-155


Oliver Creighton

Philip Wise

Archaeology in Leicestershire and Rutland 1997   pp. 156-197 ed. Richard Buckley
Annual Report pp. 198-200

Volume 71 for 1997 (Searchable)

Transactions Article Author(s)
Iron Production in Leicestershire, Rutland and Northamptonshire in Antiquity pp.1-20 Frances Condron
Early Leicestershire Castles: Archaeology and Landscape History pp.21-36 Oliver Creighton
Brickmaking in Leicestershire before about 1710 pp.37-59 Alan McWhirr
The Political Career of Theophilus Hastings (1650-1701), 7th Earl of Huntingdon pp.60-71 Peter Walker
Victoria Road Church, Leicester: A Victorian Experiment in Ecumenicity pp.72-85 Gerald T Rimmington
Archaeology in Leicestershire and Rutland 1996 pp.86-130 ed. Nicholas Cooper
Annual Report pp.131-134