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Photograph of the Guildhall in Leicester


Volume 70 for 1996 (Searchable)

Transactions Article Author(s)
A Roman Cemetery in Newarke Street, Leicester pp.1-90 Lynden Cooper
The Gothic taste: Humphrey Repton of Donington Park pp.91-104 Hazel Fryer and Anthony Squires
Public Transport in Leicestershire, 1814-80 pp.105-127 Jack Simmons
Prison Palace or 'Hell upon earth' Leicester County Gaol under the Separate System, 1846-1865 pp.128-146 Jacqueline L Kane
A Parliamentary Election Indenture for Leicestershire pp.147-148 J T Driver
Banking in Nineteenth-Century Leicester pp.150-153 David L Wykes
Archaeology in Leicestershire and Rutland 1995 pp.154-179 ed. Richard Pollard and John Lucas
Officers and Committee, 140th Annual Report 1994-5 pp.180-183

Volume 69 for 1995 (Searchable)

Transactions Article Author(s)
The Archaeology of the Abbeys and Priories of Leicestershire pp.1-21 Peter Liddle
Geophgysical and Building Survey at Launde Abbey pp.22-31 Paul Beavitt
Environmental Archaeology in Leicestershire pp.32-41 Angela Monckton
A Fifteenth Century Leicestershire Lawyer and Parliamentary Knight of the Shire: Thomas Palmer of Holt (c.1440-1475) pp.42-58 J.T. Driver
The Origins of the New Connexion of General Baptists in Leicestershire pp.59-70 Edwin Welch
The Reluctant Businessman: John Coltman of St. Nicholas Street, Leicester pp.71-85 David L. Wykes
A Provisional List of Medieval Woodlands of Leicestershire (excluding Rutland) c.1200-1530 pp.86-96 Anthony Squires
Archaeoogy in Leicestershire and Rutland 1994 pp.97-136

ed. Richard Buckley

Review pp.137-140
Officers and Committee, 139th Annual Report 1993-4 pp.141-143  

Volume 68 for 1994 (Searchable)

Transactions Article Author(s)
An Iron Age and Romano-British Enclosure System at Normanton le Heath pp.1-63 Reuben Thorpe and Josephine Sharman
An Anglo-Saxon Cemetery at Wigston Magna pp.64-86 Peter Liddle and Samantha Middleton
A Brickworks in Ashwell Road, Oakham pp.87-93 Alan McWhirr and David Smith
The Identification of a Parliamentary Army Chaplain: John Moore of Leicestershire pp.94-97 Stephen Copson
Leicestershire Small Towns and Pre-Industrial Urbanisation pp.98-120 Holger Th. Graf
Lodging and Poverty in late Victorian Leicester: a Socio-Geographic Perspective pp.212-144 Stephen J. Page
Obituary - Andrew Martin pp.148-152 Alan McWhirr
Obituary - Allen Chinnery pp.145-147 K.Thompson and D.L. Wykes
Archaeology in Leicestershire and Rutland 1993 pp.153-194 ed. Richard Buckley
Review pp.195-196
Officers and Committee, 138th Annual Report 1992-3 pp.197-200

Volume 67 for 1993 (Searchable)

Transactions Article Author(s)
Prehistoric Ditch Systems at Ketton and Tixover, Rutland pp.1-14 David Mackie
Two Medieval Celtic Enamelled Buckles from Leicestershire pp.15-22 Susan Youngs
The Silver Seal Matrixof the Peculiar Jurisdiction of the Prebend of St Margaret, Leicester pp.23-26 John Cherry
The Archdeacons of Leicester, 1092-1992 pp.27-46 Terence Cocks
The Mechanics Institute: Pioneers of Leisure and Excursion Travel pp.47-58 Susan Barton
An Inventory of Ancient, Holy and Healing Wells in Leicestershire pp.59-69 James Rattue
Obituary - Florence Skillington p.70-72 D.L. Wykes
Archaeology in Leicestershire and Rutland 1992 pp.73-115 ed. Richard Buckley
Review pp.116-117
Officers and committee, 137th Annual Report 1991-2 pp.118-121

Volume 66 for 1992 (Searchable)

Transactions Article Author(s)
An Iron Age Farmstead at Grove Farm, Enderby, Leicestershire pp.1-82 Patrick Clay
East Midlands Scored Ware pp.83-91 Sheila Elsdon
The First Twenty-Five Years: Archaeology in Leicestershire 1965-1990 pp.92-104 Jean E. Mellor
The Custody of Leicester's Archives from 1273 to 1947 pp.105-120 A.K.B. Evans
The Truth Sprang up First in Leicestershire: George Fox and the Origins of Quakerism pp.212-135 R.H. Evans
Lady Huntingdon's Chapel at Ashby pp.136-142 Edwin Welch
Hoskins's England: A Local Historian of Genius and the Realisation of his Theme pp.143-159 C. Phythian-Adams
Obituary: Eleanor Cottrill pp.160-167
Obituary: W.G. Hoskins pp.168-171
Archaeology in Leicestershire and Rutland 1991 pp.172-193 ed. Richard Buckley
Review pp.194-198
Officers and Committee, 136th Annual Report 1990-1 pp.199-201

Volume 65 for 1991 (Searchable)

Transactions Article Author(s)
Leicester Lane, Enderby: an Archaeological Evaluation pp.1-12 Josephine Sharman and Patrick Clay
A Salvage Excavation at Huncote, Leicestershire pp.13-23 Patrick Clay
Holywell Hall, Loughborough: an Archaeological Evaluation pp.24-33 Josephine Sharman and David Mackie
Potters Marston Ware pp.34-37 Deborah Sawday
Leicestershire Archaeology to 1849: the Development of Chronological Interpretation pp.38-54 Robert Rutland
Working-Class Respectability in Leicester, c. 1845-80 pp.55-67 Barry Haynes
Emigration and Poverty in Edwardian Leicester pp.68-84 Stephen Page
Archaeology in Leicestershire and Rutland 1990 pp.85-108 ed. Richard Buckley
Review pp.109-110
Officers and Committee, 135th Annual Report pp.110-115

Volume 64 for 1990 (Searchable)

Transactions Article Author(s)
All Saints' Church, Lubenham: an Archaeological Evaluation pp.1-20 Jeannette Wells, Sally-Anne Warren & Richard Buckley
St Michael's Church and Parish, Leicester pp.21-25 Janet Martin
A Seventeenth-Century Music Manuscript from Ratby, Leics. pp.26-30 Anne Graf & D.A. Ramsey
Bardon Park Meeting-House: the registration of Nonconformist places of worship under the Act of Toleration (1689) pp.31-34 David L. Wykes
French Exiled Clergy in Leicestershire pp.35-38 Bernard Elliott and R.H. Evans
'Trade Flat, Money Scarce, Spirits Low': the Journal of John Kirby of Leicester 1813-48 pp.39-56 David L. Wykes
John Buck: Pioneer of Preventive Medicine and the Care of the Mentally Ill pp.57-61 Malcolm Elliott
The Later Radical Career of Thomas Cooper, 1845-1855 pp.62-72 Stephen Roberts
To Scrape or Not to Scrape?: Plaster, Stucco and Victorian Church Restoration in Leicestershire pp.73-77 G.K. Brandwood
Leicestershire Sites and Monuments Record at the Crossroads pp.78-82 R.P. Jarrett
Archaeology in Leicestershire and Rutland 1989 p.83-108 ed. Peter Liddle

134th Annual Report 1988-9, Officers and Committee pp.109-113

Volume 63 for 1989 (Searchable)

Transactions Article Author(s)
The Leicestershire Archaeological and Historical Society 133rd Annual Report 1987-88  
A Leicestershire Source for Group XX pp.1-6 Phillipa J. Bradley
A Report on the Geophysical Survey and Trial Excavations at the site of a Roman Villa near Drayton, Leicestershire pp.7-17 N.J. Cooper, P. Beavitt, D.M. O'Sullivan, R Young
An excavation in the North East Quarter of Leicester: Elbow Lane, 1977 pp.18-47 John Lucas et al
The Parochial Inspections of Andrew Burnaby D.D., Archdeacon of Leicester, in the years 1793 to 1797 pp.48-70 W. Pemberton
Working Class Perceptions: Aspects of the Experiences of Working Class Life in Victorian Leicester pp.71-84 J.B. Haynes
Pauperism and the Leicester Workhouse in 1881 pp.85-95 Stephen Page
Liberals, Labour and Leicester - The 1913 By-Election in Local and National Perspective pp.94-106 John Pasiecznik
Archaeology in Leicestershire and Rutland 1988 pp.105-120 ed. Peter Liddle
Obituary: W.A. North Esq. p.121

Volume 62 for 1988 (Searchable)

Transactions Article Author(s)
The Leicestershire Archaeological and Historical Society 132nd Annual Report 1986-87  
The Roman Swithland Slate Industry pp.1-8 Alan McWhirr

A Medieval Hall and Cross-Wing House in Queniborough pp.9-15

Martin Cherry and Peter Messenger
Langley Priory pp.16-30 Stephen P. Douglass
The Greys of Bradgate in the English Civil War: A Study of Henry Grey, First Earl of Stamford and his Son and Heir Thomas, Lord Grey of Groby pp.32-52 J.Richards
Ibstock: a Leicestershire village in the Nineteenth Century and the Ball family pp.53-71 Roy S. Walker
Review pp.92-93  
Archaeology in Leicestershire and Rutland 1987 pp.72-92 ed. Peter Liddle

Volume 61 for 1987 (Searchable)

Transactions Article Author(s)
The Leicestershire Archaeological and Historical Society vii 131st Annual Report 1985-86  
Excavations in a Medieval Market Town: Mountsorrel, Leicestershire pp.1-7 John Lucas
Queen Anne's Bounty and the Augmentation of Leicestershire Livings in the Age of Reform pp.8-23 Simon Harratt
Harborough Slate Engravers pp.24-33 J. C. Davies
The Private Lunatic Asylums of Leicestershire pp.34-42 Peter Carpenter
The Nineteenth Century Restorations at St Michael and All Angels, Appleby Magna pp.43-50 R.J. Eyre
Leicestershire Landowners and the Railway: Resistance and Co-operation pp.51-61 Tim Warner
Thomas Cooper in Leicester, 1840-1843 pp.62-76 Stephen Roberts
Historical Notes pp.77-86  
Archaeology in Leicestershire and Rutland 1986 pp.87-99 ed. Peter Liddle