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Photograph of the Guildhall in Leicester


Volume 20 for 1938-9 (Searchable)

Transactions Article Author(s)
Part 1  
Prelims, 83rd & 84th Annual Reports and accounts; Officers, Rules i-liv  
Post Medieval Cossington IV-VI, pp. 1-53 Florence E. Skillington
Wigston Magna Lay Subsidies 1327 to 1599 pp. 55-64 W.G. Hoskins M.Sc. (Econ), Ph.D
The Rothley Cross Shaft and the Sproxton Cross pp. 65-76 T.E. Routh
Ministers Accounts of the Honor of Leicester 1322-24 (continued) pp. 77-158 Levi Fox B.A. (Oxon), M.A. (Manch)
A Ferrers Document of the Twelfth Century pp. 159-165 Eleanor Swift M.A.
The Domesday Geography of Leicestershire pp. 167-201 D. Holly
Part 2  
Post Medieval Cossington VII-IX pp. 203-239 Florence E. Skillington
A History of the Humberstone Family, pp.241-287 W.G. Hoskins MSc. (Econ) PhD
The Administration of the Honor of Leicester pp. 289-374 Levi Fox B.A. (Oxon), M.A. (Manch)
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Volume 19 for 1936-7 (Searchable)

Transactions Article Author(s)
Part 1  
81st & 82nd annual report & accounts 1935& 1936 pp. i-lii  
 Medieval Cossington (part 2, continued from Vol. 18) pp. 1-26 S.H. Skillington (based on researches of G. Farnham)
Architectural notes on the rectory of Cossington pp. 27-31 A. Herbert
Further documents in the Leicester City Museum pp. 34-78 Ann Deeley
A rector of Bruntingthorpe pp. 79-92 Hugh Goodacre
Further notes on the Anglian and Scandinavian settlement of Leicestershire pp. 93-109 W.G. Hoskins
Catalogue of the library of Leicester Abbey (part 1) pp. 111.161 M.R. James
Part 2  
The fields of Wigston Magna pp. 163-199 W.G. Hoskins
Minister's accounts of the Honor of Leicester(part 1) pp. 200-274 L. Fox
Medieval Cossington (part 3) pp. 275-292 S.H. Skillington (based on researches of G. Farnham)
Post-medieval Cossington pp. 293-346 Florence Skillington
The origins and early history of Alderman Newton's Foundation pp. 347-376 R.W. Greaves
Catalogue of the library of Leicester Abbey (part 2) pp. 377-440 M.R. James
Index to vol 19 pp. 441-448  

Volume 18 for 1933-35 (Searchable)

Transactions Article Author(s)
 Part 1 1933-4  
 79th & 80th annual reports; accounts; committee; members pp.i-lii  
The Coltmans of the Newarke at Leicester pp. 1-40 Florence E. Skillington, S.H. Skillington
The Roman sites of south-west Leicestershire- part 1, Venonae and Tripontium pp. 41-86 Arthur J. Pickering
Ulverscroft Priory pp. 87-93 William Keay and Margaret E. Keay
Medieval deeds reelating to Ashby Parva pp.94-100 Hugh Goodacre
Aylestone, the descent of the manor: erratum and addendum pp.101-103 G. Keith Thomson
Church of St Peter, Horninghold pp. 104-107 Albert Herbert
Part 2 1934-5  
The Anglian and Scandinavian settlement of Leicestershire pp. 109-147

W.G. Hoskins

Ullesthorpe overseer's accounts pp. 149-155 Hugh Goodacre
The Roman sites of south-west Leicestershire: Mancetter, Sapcote, Barwell and Hinckley pp. 157-190 Arthur J. Pickering
Melton Mowbray lay subsidy pp. 195-201 A. Bernard Clarke
Medieval Cossington; Architectural notes on Cossington Church pp. 203-254 S.H. Skillington, Anthony Herbert
Index to vol. 18  

Volume 17 for 1931-2 (Searchable)

Transactions Article Author(s)

The 77th Annual Report 1931, the 78th Annual Report 1932; officers, Rules, Accounts etc.

Prestwold and its Hamlets in Medieval Times pp. 1-84 George F Farnham
An Old Hazelrigg Deed pp. 85-91 Miss A.P. Deeley, S.H. Skillington
The Manor of Peckleton pp.93-149 S.H. Skillington,George F Farnham, Albert Herbert
The Farnham Bequest to the Leicester Muniment Room pp. 153-171 G. Keith Thomson
The Legends, Folklore and Dialect of Leicestershire with an Introduction on the General History of the County pp.173-195 R.E. Martin
Ashby Castle pp. 197-203 Anthony Herbert
Aylestone, The Descent of the Manor pp.205-221 G. Keith Thomson
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Volume 16 for 1929-31 - (searchable)

Transactions Article Author(s)
The 75th Annual Report 1929, The 76th Annual report 1930; accounts, officers, rules, members etc.  
Mr Farnham's Contribution to the History of Leicestershire pp.1-15 A. Hamilton Thompson
Quenby, The Manor and Hall pp.17-42 George Harnham

Belgrave pp.43-71

including architectural notes on church

Notes of the descent of the manor

Albert Herbert,

George F Farnham

The Skefffingtons of Skeffington pp. 73-128 S.H. Skillington, G.F. Farnham
The Chapel of St Peter at Kirkby upon wreak (Kirby Bellars) pp. 129-212 A. Hamilton Thompson
St Bartholemew's Church, Quorndon pp. 213-224 George Farnham, A. Hamilton Thompson
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Volume 15 for 1927-28 - (Searchable)

Transactions Article Author(s)
The 73rd Annual Report 1927; accounts; committee, members. pp i-lxii  
The 74th Annual report; accounts, committee, rules, members etc  
Charnwood Forest and its Historianspp.1-32 G. Farnham
The cemeteries of Roman Leicester pp.35-57 M. Paul Dare
Ashby de la Zouch pp. 59-96 A. Hamilton Thompson, Henry Hartopp, S.H. Skillington, G. Farnham
Market Bosworth pp.97-123 A. Hamilton Thompson,G. Farnham
The Leicester gild of tallow chandlers pp. 126-138 S.H. Skillington
Charnwood Forest: The Charnnwood Manors pp. 140-281 G. Farnham
The church of the Holy Trinity Barrow on Soar pp. 282-284 A. Hamilton Thompson
The Church of St John Baptist, Whitwick pp. 285-288  
The Church of St Botolph, Shepshed. 289-291  
Some notes on manors and manorial history pp. 294-307 A. Hamilton Thompson
The Carved Stones at Breedon on the Hill,
Leicestershire, and their position in
the History of English Art
A Suggested Identification in the Leicestershire
Domesday, with a Note on the Site and Church pp.333-336
M. Paul Dare

Volume 14 for 1925-6 - (Searchable)

Transactions Article Author(s)

71st annual report 1925; accounts; committee; members

72nd annual report 1926; accounts; committee; members

The Open Fields of Leicester pp.1-29 C. Billson
The Castle and Manor of Castle Donington with an Account of the Church by A. Hamilton Thompson pp.31-86 G. Farnham
Fenny Drayton and the Purefey Monuments pp.87-112 G. Farnham and A. Herbert
A Corrody from Leicester Abbey pp.113-134 A. Hamilton Thompson
The Extant Certificates of Leicester Gilds pp.137-174  

Notes upon a prehistoric contracted burial (from Leire) and notes on on an early sepulchral slab (from Aylestone) pp.175-182

M. Paul Dare

Notes on the Manor of Ragdale


The Old Hall and Notes on the Church pp.183-197

G. Farnham


A. Hamilton Thompson

Stoke Golding


Notes on the Church

Manorial history pp.199-227



A. Hamilton Thompson

G. Farnham

Index to Vol 14  

Volume 13 for 1923-24

Transactions Article Author(s)
Part 1  
The Old Town Hall, Leicester pp. 3-32 T.H. Fosbrooke and S.H. Skillington
Part 2  
70th Annual Report  
The Leicestershire Archaeological Society 1924-5  
Hugh de Grentesmesnil & His Family Henry James Francis
The Manor House and Chapel of Holt George F. Farnham & A. Hamilton Thompson
Gaddesby - The Church and The Manor Albert Herbert & George F Farnham

Volume 12 for 1921-22

Transactions Article Author(s)
Part 1  
The Leicestershire Archaeological Society 67th Annual Report for 1921  
The history of Rothley A. Hamilton Thompson, T.H. Fosbrooke, George Farnham, J. Wallace Watts,
Star chamber proceedings S.H. Skillington
Part 2  
The Leicestershire Archaeological Society 68th Annual Report for 1922  
Obituary: John Wallace-Watts S.H. Skillington
Potters Marston T.H. Fosbrooke,George Farnham
Frolesworth Albert Herbert, George F. Farnham
Claybrooke Albert Herbert, George F. Farnham
The manor of Noseley George F. Farnham, Albert Herbert

Volume 11 for 1913-20 (Searchable)

Transactions Article Author(s)
Leicestershire Architectural and Archaeological Society 58th, 59th & 60th Annual Reports; Lists of members; rulkes, excursions pp.1-84  
Newhouse Grange, Sheepy, Leicestershire pp.85-86 T.H. Fosbrooke
A Short Description of the original building accounts of Kirby Muxloe Castle pp.87-88 T.H. Fosbrooke
The monasteries of Leicestershire in the fifteenth century pp.89-108 A. Hamilton Thompson
Kirby Muxloe Castle pp.109-114 F. Hewitt & J. Langham
Token coinage of Leicestershire and Rutland in the 17th century pp.115-134 Joseph Young
Catalogue of the library pp.135-55  
Notes upon buildings visited at the annual excursions of 1915 and 1916 pp.157-92  
The builidng accounts of Kirby Muxloe Castle 1480-1484 pp.193-345 A. Hamilton Thompson
The Pipe Roll for Leicestershire pp.346-399  
In Memoriam Samuel Perkins Pick pp.401-405  
The Manors of Allexton, Appleby and
Ashby Folville.
George Farnham and A. Hamilton Thompson

Volume 10 for 1905-10 (?)

Transactions Article Author(s)
Part 1-2 1905-6  
Officers & committee, members, rules; 52nd annual report; AGM 30/1/1905; 29/5/1905; 7/6/1905 – jubilee meeting; catalogue of Leicestershire antiquities exhibited at the jubilee meeting June 7 1905;Meetings 31/7/1905; 25/9/1905; 27/11/1905; 29/1/1906 AGM; 51st annual report; 26/3/1906; 28/5/1906; 30/7/1906; 24/9/1906; 26/11/1906;The visit to Cambridge in 1905  
Leicestershire men at the French wars of 1346-1347 Rev. W.G.D. Fletcher
An account of the battle of Willoughby Field in the County of Nottingham W.F. Beardsley
Part 3-4 1907-8  
Officers, members, rules; AGM 21/1/1907; meeting 25/3/1907; 27/5/1907; 29/7/1907; 30/9/1907; 25/11/1907; AGM 27/1/1908; 30/3/1908; 25/5/1908; 28/7/1908; 28/9/1908; 30/11/1908; 54th annual report  
Excursions June 1907 – notes on buildings visited A. Hamilton Thompson
Burrough Camp Rev. E. Hermitage Day
Part 5-6 1909-10  
Officers, members, rules; AGM; meeting 29/3/1909; 24/5/1909; 26/7/1909; 27/9/1909; 29/11/1909; AGM 31/1/1910; 55th annual report; meeting 21/3/1910; 30/5/1910; 25/7/1910; 26/9/1910; 28/11/1910; excursion 1909; excursion 1910  
Excursion to Houghton on the Hill, Ingarsby and Quenby Rev S.T. Winckley
Notes of two old leases of Leicester Castle S.S. Partridge
Parish Registers and records J.A.L. Bealey

Volume 9 for 1899-1902

Transactions Article Author(s)
Part 1  
The Leicestershire Architectural and Archaeological Society 1899; Underground passages in The Newarke; Meetings 27/3/1899; 29/5/1899; 31/7/1899; 25/9/1899; 27/11/1899  
Early English capital found at Hinckley; Wooden cross found buried under a mound at Higham on the Hill  
Calendar of Leicesterhire Administrations (cont. from vol 8) Henry Hartopp
Part 2  
The Leicestershire Architectural and Archaeological Society 1900, officers, members, rules; report for 1899; treasurer's account  
Leicestershire wills and administrations (continued) Henry Hartopp
Annual meeting 29/1/1900; meetings 26/3/1900; excursion; meetings 30/4/1900; 28/5/1900; 23/7/1900; 24/9/1900; 26/11/1900  
The British Archaeological Association at Leicester  
St Nicholas Church, Leicester  
Part 3  
The Leicestershire Architectural and Archaeological Society 1901-2; meeting 28/1/1901; discoverey of an ancient Roman builidng at Rothley; meetings 25/3/1901; 20/5/1901; 29/7/1901; 30/9/1901; 25/11/1901; 27/1/1901; 24/3/1902; 26/5/1902; 28/7/1902; 29/9/1902; 24/11/1902  
Annual excursion  
St Andrews Church, Aylestone R Goodacre
The Abbey of St Mary de Pratis, Leicester C H Compton
Review; Hon. local secretaries  

Volume 8 for 1893-

Transactions Article Author(s)
 Part 1 1893  
Officers etc 1893; members; Members deceased 1893; Annual Meeting 30/1/1893; 38th annual report; treasurer’s account  
The Penelope Watches C.W. Wood
Meeting 27/3/1893; 29/5/1893; 7-9/6/1893; 31/7/1893; 25/9/1893; 27/11/1893;  
Notes on a pamphlet of the Restoration period Rev. E.H. Bates
Notes on a recently-recovered register of Claybrooke Rev. E.H. Bates
Discovery of one of the main sewers of Roman Leicester. Col. G.C. Bellairs
Part 2 1894  
Officers etc 1894; members; Members deceased 1894; rules; AGM 29/1/1894; 39th annual report; treasurer’s account; Meetings 2/4/1894; 28/5/1894; excursion 28/6/1894; 30/7/1894;24/9/1894; Obituary William Kelly;Meeting 26/11/1894  
On the discovery of an ancient representation of the ‘Agnus Dei’ at Shawell Rev. E.H. Bates
Lady Margaret Bromley Rev. W.G.D. Fletcher
On an Anglo-Saxon cemetery recently uncovered near Saxby Rev. J. Charles Cox
Notes on some stained glass formerly in a window at Sketchley Hall Thomas Harrold
Calendar of early Leicesterhire wills 1495-1558 Henry Hartopp
Register book of Leicestershire wills  
Calendar of Transcripts of Leicestershire wills  
Series III administrations 1556-1558  

Volume 7 for 1888-1892

Transactions Article Author(s)
Part 1 1888  
Officers etc 1888; members; Members deceased 1888-9; rules  
AGM 30/1/1888; 33rd annual report; treasurer’s account;  
Meetings 27/1/1888; 26/3/1888; 30/4/1888; 28/5/1888; 25/6/1888; 30/7/1888; 27/8/1888;  
Meeting: 24/9/1888, discoveries from St Nicholas Churchyard, Leicester  
Visit of Royal Archaeological Institute to Leicester Col. G. C. Bellairs
Meeting 15/8/1888 (visit to Melton etc); 29/10/1888; 26/11/1888  
Conference of Archaeological Societies  
Obituary: William Napier Reeve  
The Parish Registers of St Nicholas, Leicester Rev. T.W. Owen
The Account of the churchwardens of St. Mary, Leicester 1652-1729 (continued from vol. 6, p. 394)  
Part 2 missing  
Part 3 1890  
Officers etc 1890; members; Members deceased 1890-1; rules  
AGM 27 Jan 1890;35th annual report; treasurer’s account  
Meetings 31/3/1890; 19/5/1890; 17-18/6/1890; Visit to Uriconium, Haughmond Abbey, Battlefield etc; Meetings 28/7/1890; 29/9/1890  
Hallaton church and the recent discoveries there  
Meeting 24/11/1890  
The family of Goodacre, Leicestershire Hugh Goodacre
The parish registers of St. Nicholas Church, Leicester (continued from p.200) Rev. T.W. Owen
Some further notes on the family of Bainbrigge of Lockington Rev. W.G.D. Fletcher
Parts 4-5 missing  

Volume 6 for 1882-1887

Transactions Article Author(s)
 Parts 1-3 missing  
 Part 4 1887  
 Members, officers, rules, additions to library  
Annual meeting 26/1/1886; 31st annual report; meetings 29/3/1886;31/5/1886  
Thomas Davenport, Mayor of Leicester 1553-4 W.G. Dimock Fletcher
Meetings 30/6/1886; 1/7/1886; 27/9/1886;29/11/1886  
The accounts of the churchwardens of St. Mary, Leicester 1652-1729 Colonel Bellairs
Notes on Leicestershire Inquisitions Post Mortem W.G. Dimock Fletcher

Volume 5 for 1875-1881

Transactions Article Author(s)
Part 1 1875-6  
Meeting 10-11/8/1875; annual excursion;meeting 27/9/1875; meeting 29/11/1875  
The last of Wyggeston’s Hospital, Leicester Thomas North
Meeting 31/1/1876; meeting 27/3/1876  
The mayor’s seat in the churches of Leicester Thomas North
Meeting 29/5/1876;  
The parish registers of Frisby on the Wreake  
meeting 10/7/1876; 19-20/7/1876; meeting 30/7/1876; meeting 25/9/1876  
The church guilds of Melton Mowbray Thomas North
Meeting 27/11/1876  
Part 2 1877  
Officers, 22nd annual report, treasurer's report  
Meeting 29/1/1877; meeting 26/3/1877; meeting 28 May 1877; meeting & excursion 13-14 June 1877  
The Medbourne tessellated pavement: notes on; The Medbourne tessellated pavement, Hallaton church and Castle Hill: notes on; Glen Parva, notes on Anglo-Saxon relics found at; Potters marks on Samian ware found in Leicestershire H.A. Dibbin; J.H. Hill; Colonel Knight; Mr. Weatherhead
Meeting 24/9/1877; Presumed Roman tiles found at Bubbenhall near Leamington, notes on; Meeting 26/11/1877  

Volume 4 for 1869-1875

Transactions Article Author(s)
Part 1 1875  
Meetings: undated; 27/9/1869; Bishop Beveridge; 29/11/1869; Kist Vaen found at Stonton Brudenell; 31/1/1870; Report for 1869; Sterling coin of Marie D'Artois; 28/3/1870  
Chantries of Leicestershire and the inventory of Olveston; meeting 30/5/1870 Rev. Mackenzie E.C. Walcott
The Basset family Rev. J.H. Hill
Contributions to the history of Leicester Abbey Joseph Burtt
On a recent find of Roman coins in Leicestershire Rev. Asshton Pownall
The jews and Jewry Wall James Thompson
Wyggeston's Hospital; The Jewry Wall  
Roman Leicester - meeting of section of antiquities on 27/7/1870; meetings 26/9/1970 & 28/11/1870  
The bishopric of Peterborough and its prelates Rev. J.H. Hill
Meeting 30/1/1871, Annual Report 1870  
Part 2 - missing  
Part 3 1877 (many pages missing)  
Annual meeting 27/1/1873  
Treasure trove in connection with Anglo-Saxon coins struck at Leicester Rev. Asshton Powell
Meetings 31/3/1873; 26/5/1873  
Leicester stained glass Mr North
Summer meeting 22-23/7/1873  
Kenilworth Castle remains James Thompson
Local nomenclature. The origins of the streets, lanes and other localities in Coventry W.G. Fretton
Meeting 28/7/1873  
Inventories of Framland deanery Rev. Mackenzie E.C. Walcott
Leicester stained glass Mr North
Meeting 29/9/1873  
Remains of an ancient seal of the borough of Leicester William Kelly
Meeting 24/11/1873  
The proposed demolition of Wigston's Hospital, Leicester James Thompson
Leicester stained glass Mr North
Meetings 26/1/1874; 30/3/1874  
Leicester stained glass Mr North
Meetings 14/7/1874; 27/7/1874  
Leicester stained glass Mr North
Part 4 1878  
Meetings 8-9/9/1874  
Notes on the connection of the Pate family with Eye Kettleby and Sysonby Mr North
Notes on St Martins Church, Leicester Mr North
Notes on the Leicester churches Thomas Nevinson
The rolls of the mayors of Leicester James Thompson
Richard Fowke's 'Ephemeris' Rev. E. Tower
The suggestiveness of the names of places Rev. J.O. Picton
Excursion; meeting 28/9/1874  
Trinity Hospital, Leicester Col. Bellairs
Meeting: 30/11/1874  
Note on the parish registers of Evington Mr. North
meetings: 25/1/1875; 29/3/1875  
The coins of Offa Rev. Canon Pownall
Meeting 31/5/1875  
Melton Mowbray town records Mr. North

Volume 3 for 1864-1869

Transactions Article Author(s)
Part 1  
Part 2 1872  
Meeting 25/9/1865  
Church Langton and its Founders Rev. J.H. Hill
Meeting 27/11/1865; Annual meeting & report 1865; meeting 26/3/1866  
Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Melton Mowbray Mr North
Meeting 28/5/1866; meeting 21-22/6/1866  
The sepulchral monuments of Leicestershire M.H. Bloxham
The Langton churches and charities Rev. George Aycliffe Poole
Sketch of the history of St Mary in Arden and the township of Market Harborough W.H. Gatty
Excursion 22/6/1866; meeting 30/6/1866; meeting 24/9/1866  
Accounts of the churchwardens of Melton Mowbray Mr North

Volume 2 for 1860-1864

Transactions Article Author(s)
Part 1 1860  
Meeting 5/12/1860  
Medieval costume as illustrated by monumental brasses Rev. Charles Boutell
On the purpose of architectural and archaeological societies Mr. Ordish
The Heyricke letters, illustrating the state of Leicester in the reigns of Elizabeth and James I John Gough Nichols
Roman Leicester as illustrated by recent discoveries Roman Leicester as illustrated by recent discoveries
Meeting 31/12/1860  
Treasure Trove George Cowdell Neale
Meeting 28/1/1861; 25/3/1861; annual report 1860(incl. details of church restorations and Leicester archaeological discoveries; meeting 27/5/1861  
Maundy Customs Mr North
The Herrick Portraits in the Guildhall, Leicester James Thompson
Meeting 29/7/1861  
The Architectural History of S. Margaret’s Church, Leicester William Jackson
General meeting Lutterworth, 26-27/9/1861  
Brasses of the fourteenth century Rev. E.W. Woodcock
Lutterworth Church and the Wycliffe relics M.H. Bloxam
The battle of Naseby Rev. Canon James
The excursion 27.9.1861; meetings 25/11/1861; 27/1/1862 (incl. Roman antiquities from St Martins, Leicester); Annual report 1862; meeting 31/3/1862  
The family of Langton Rev. J.H. Hill
Pages 106-361 missing  

Volume 1 for 1855-1856 (Searchable)

Transactions Article Author(s)
Preface, Contents, and Founding Officers
On the Churches of Leicester pp.1-11 George Ayliffe Poole M.A.
Memoir on an Ancient Spur and Seals pp.19-20 James Thompson  
On Ancient Seals with Twisted Rushes and Straws pp.20-23J.M. Gresley
Cells at Ulverscroft Priory pp.24-27 James Thompson  
Blackfordby Leicestershire pp.27-33  J.M. Gresley  
The Fleming Brass pp.35-39 E. Marshall
The Early Heraldry of Leicestershire pp.43-53 James Thompson
Ulverscroft Priory pp.53-61 T.R. Potter
Gracedieu Priory pp.64-70 J.M. Gresley
Roman and Anglo-Saxon Antiquities pp.74-80 James Thompson  
Leicester Castle pp.84-86 James Thompson  
Introduction of Moulded and Coloured Brick into Street Architecture pp.87-91 Mr. Millican
The Pilgrim's Tomb pp.91-92 J.M. Gresley
St. Mary's Church, Melton pp.92-99  Vincent Wing  
Tradesmen's Tokens pp.106-126
Thomas North  
Merchants' Marks pp.128-129
Thomas North  
The Judicious Restoration of Village Churches pp.157-159
Vincent Wing  
Criticism on some Ancient Examples of Gothic Work pp.163-166
Vincent Wing  
The Use and Abuse of Red Bricks pp.180-191
Rev. E. Trollope F.S.A  
Gothic Architecture and English Churches pp.191-201
Vincent Wing  
The Ancient House at Medbourne, Leicestershire pp.216-218
J.M. Gresley  
Archbishop Laud pp.221-224 J.M. Gresley
The Mowbrays, Lords of Melton, Part 1 pp.225-244 Thomas North
Melton and the Reformation pp.244-262 James Thompson
The Mowbrays, Lords of Melton, Part 2 pp.225-244 Thomas North
The Book of Common Prayer pp.288-293 J.M. Gresley
Jewry Wall, Leicester: Observations Thereon pp.298-307 James Thompson
The Armorial Windows of Woodhouse Chapel pp.316-344 John Gough Nichols F.S.A
The History of Loughborough Church pp.345-354 Rev. Thomas James
The Castle of Kirby Muxloe pp.362-367 James Thompson
Diary of the Rev. Humphrey Michel pp.371-380 J.H. Hill
Churchyard Crosses pp.389-394 Vincent Wing
The Austin Priory of St. Mary of Newstead in Shirwood, Nottinghamshire pp.398-407 J.M. Gresley
Staffordshire Clog Almanack pp.410-414 J.M. Gresley
Meetings, Reports, Notes and Excursions