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Photograph of the Guildhall in Leicester


To submit articles and notes for possible publication, please contact the editors, Dr Jill Bourne and Mr John Thomas: editortransactions@lahs.org.uk

You can download the index of Transactions volumes 21-74 (incorporating an index to vols 1-20) and volumes of Transactions will be made freely-available on line as a resource ten years after the date of publication. Currently a major project is underway to scan and upload all earlier volumes of Transactions. In anticipation of improvements to web access speeds over the next few years, the decision has been taken to create PDF files of a reasonably high-quality, suitable for broadband users. Those with dialup connections may find the download times of some papers rather slow.

LATEST NEWS AUGUST 2017: Volumes 1-20 have now been scanned to create fully-searchable pdf files. These are gradually being uploaded to replace the rather patchy coverage currently online. The web-maintainer is sympathetic to requests from researchers to upload particular volumes which are not currently available.

Please report any errors or omissions to Matt Beamish: mgb3@le.ac.uk

The copyright of the online articles from Transactions rests with the Society and the authors. For queries please contact Richard Buckley: rjb16@le.ac.uk