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The Leicestershire Historian first appeared as the annual publication of the Leicestershire Local History Council in 1967, but when that body ceased to exist in 1995, the Leicestershire Archaeological and Historical Society took over its publication. Early editions of the LH were quite modest running to around 28 pages, occasionally reaching 40. By 1977 52 pages was the norm and remained so until 1991 when the Jubilee edition was published which contained 64 pages. The next major change was to move from A5 to an A4 size which first appeared in 1998.

Most editions of the LH contain a review of recently published books on Leicestershire.

The Society does not have the resources to copy articles for researchers, but a paid-for service does exist via the Record Office for Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland (ROLLR) details of which can be found via their website.

If there are any objections to the use of images by copyright holders, please contact Richard Buckley who will arrange to have them removed: email rjb16@le.ac.uk

Digitising previous volumes :

The Society's Committee agreed in March 2014 to use some of the funds from the Snow Bequest to have volumes of the Leicestershire Historian scanned in order to make them available online. We are happy to say that this commitment has now been realised, with Volumes 1 - 49 now available to download for free. We hope that making the Leicestershire Historian available in this way is a fitting memorial to one of our late members.

Back Issues:

Selected back issues are available for 10 including p&p. Contact the Society's library on library@lahs.org.uk or at the address below.

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Latest News

Leicestershire Historian Vol 55, 2019:

Volume 55 has now been sent to members, and volume 50 has been uploaded to the website and is available to view and download below. An article on Dorothy Bovey in Historian 55, by Richard Graves, can be found here

Leicestershire Historian Vol 54, 2018:

Volume 54 has now been sent to members, and volume 49 has been uploaded to the website and is available to view and download below.

Leicestershire Historian Vol 53, 2017:

Volume 53 has now been sent to members of the Society, and contains the concluding article on the Basque refugee children who arrived in Leicester after fleeing the Spanish Civil War. This article can be downloaded for free here - Vol 53, pp.17-2.

The two articles are also now available as a combined document here.



Leicestershire Historian Vols 41-49

No 49 2013

Download the 2013 Leicestershire Historian

  • Editorial p.2
  • The ‘Battle of the Beams’ and Coalville Outstation of RAF 80 Wing (Signals)              Maureen Havers Terry Sheppard p.3
  • A Leicester Born Artist and Engraver: Mary Annie Sloane A.R.E. Shirley Aucott   p.9
  • The Pioneering Markfield to Bardon Wire Tramway                                                     Andrew Moore p.16
  • William Gardiner’s ‘Recollections of Old Leicester’  J. D. Bennett p.22
  • Enclosure of Thrussington   Celia Cotton   p.26
  • ‘Hope Against Hopelessness’ Leicester’s Homesteads for the Unemployed                Cynthia Brown p.33
  • Mary Ann Herrick (1795-1871): Artist and Benefactor – the ‘Dorcas’ of Woodhouse   Caroline Wessel  p.41
  • ‘No Better Preparation for Life’ The Leicestershire Adult School Union                       Enid Harrison  p.46
  • From Italy to Belgrave and Enderby: The Statues of Belgrave Hall                              Erica Statham   p.51
  • Everard Aloysius Lisle Phillipps VC – A Leicestershire Soldier in India                        David C. J. Howell p.55
  • Recent Publications   Ed Cynthia Brown p.62                                                                                                           

No 48 2012

Download the 2012 Leicestershire Historian

  • Editorial p.2
  • Lawrence Linnell (1870-1957): Leicester’s Winter Sport Champion Susan Barton 3
  • Subterranean Church Structures in Leicestershire Steve Mitchell 11
  • Royal Agricultural Society Shows in Leicester Andrew Moore 15
  • Gaddesby Church and the Cheney Monument Keith Randon 22
  • The Wesleyan Reform Union in Leicestershire during the Twentieth Century Gerald T. Rimmington 28
  • North–South Routes through Western Leicestershire Christopher Rigg 31
  • Trying to Get an Honest Living - an episode of passive resistance Cynthia Brown 38
  • Shooting Gargoyles: making headway Bob Trubshaw 42
  • Some High Notes from Hinckley’s Public Choral History Bob Gibson 44
  • Leicestershire’s Commemorative Plaques J. D. Bennett 50
  • The Apothecary: the history of the oldest advertisement in High Street, Leicester Edna Blake 54
  • Recent Publications Ed Cynthia Brown 63

No 47 2011

Download the 2011 Leicestershire Historian

  • Editorial p.2
  • How Leicester and Leicestershire celebrated the Coronation of King George V Robin Jenkins 3
  • ‘An eminent surveyor’ – John Sultzer of Burton Overy (1737 – 1782) France Rouse 9
  • Rescue and Redemption: Saving Leicester’s Fallen Women 1846 to 1900 Shirley Aucott 14
  • Richard Phillips, Pioneer of Radical Print John Hinks 22
  • The Seventeenth Century Sherley Brothers and Persia Irene Brightmer 27
  • The First Headmaster – Wilmot Pilsbury and the Leicester School of Art Christopher Halliday 30
  • The Tower upon John Hill in Bradgate Park – dispelling the myths David Ramsey 37
  • Miss Lawton’s Almshouses Caroline Wessel 41
  • Support for the South? J. D. Bennett 45
  • Hero or Villain? Robert de Herle of Donington le Heath Vanessa McLoughlin 48
    Gateways to the Past
  • No. 1 The Newarke and Colonel George Clarke Bellairs (1826-1922) Eileen Gumley 51
  • The Other Newarke Houses Eileen Gumley 53
  • The Newarke Bus Station Eileen Gumley 55
  • ‘Plucking Brands from the Burning’ Ministers of St Mary de Castro Beryl Hawkes 56
  • Ministers of St Mary de Castro Andrew Moore 57
  • Recent Publications Ed Cynthia Brown 63

No 46 2010

Download the 2010 Leicestershire Historian

  • Editorial p.2
  • The Road to the Workhouse: The story of the Harpers of
    Ashby-de-la-Zouch Kenneth Hillier pp.3-8
  • When the Balloon Didn't Go Up Cynthia Brown pp 9-15
  • Desford Industrial School: A Nineteenth Century Institution for 'Naughty Boys' Caroline Wessel pp16-20
  • Networks of Print in 'Radical Leicester' John Hinks pp 21-26
  • The Burton Brothers of Lindley Bob Gibson pp 27-33
  • Leicester - a Town Full of Nuisances? Erica Statham pp 34-5
  • Belmont House School - Class of 1883 Shirley Aucott pp 36-42
  • 'What is the Meaning of this Germanic barbarity?' - the Stoney Stanton TympanumBob Trubshaw pp 43-47
  • Keep the Rate School Out Terry Shepherd pp 48-50
  • Guide book in Hand...J.D. Bennett pp 51-55
  • Alan McWhirr (1937-2010) Marilyn Palmer, Gerard de Lisle, John Florance, Richard Atkinson, Glynn Richerby pp 56-61
  • Recent publications ed John Hinks pp 62-72


No 45 2009

Download the 2009 Leicestershire Historian

  • Pleasure and recreation in Bath lane, Leicester Alan McWhirr and Lynden Cooper pp 3-7
  • Travels through Quorn's past Kathryn Paterson pp 8-10
  • Thomas Henry Fosbrooke (1862-1925) - an architect's pictorial legacy Christine Taggart pp 11-17
  • 'Do it with pride': working lives at Joseph Johnson's department store Edna Blake and Eirica Stathampp 18-24
  • Working Lives Cynthia Brown p 25
  • Leicester ladies reading society Caroline Wessel pp 26-30
  • John Martin: quarry manager and talented Leicestershire topographical artist David Ramsay pp 31-35
  • Dr Elias Travers DD Rector of Thurcaston cum Cropston Margaret Greiff pp 36-39
  • Hallaton adapts Bob Trubshaw pp 40-43
  • Thomas Burbidge: the last Town Clerk to the Corporation of Leicester Malcolm Noble pp 44-47
  • Ashby de la Zouch's early theatricals Kenneth Hillierpp 48-52
  • St. Hilda's Leicester: the church that never grew up Gerald T Rimmington pp 53-56
  • Fanny Palmer (1812-1876): railway artist - a supplementary note J.D. Bennett pp 57-58
  • Local history and heritage groups in Leicestershire - additions/amendments Caroline Wessel p 59
  • Recent publications ed. John Hinks pp 60-68


No 44 2008

Download the 2008 Leicestershire Historian

  • “This must not end her!” – The Club   Caroline Wessel
  • Wyverns of Leicester   Celia Cotton
  • Thurmaston: an Industrial Village shaped by Framework Knitting       Jennifer Harris
  • The Tram Horses of Leicester  Lois Edwards
  • Leicestershire connections with the London Virginia Company          Bob Gibson
  • Hugh Aston (c. 1485-1558): Composer and Mayor of Leicester       Patrick J Boylan
  • “Hands on History”: Researching the history of the Leicester Branch of the WEA Cynthia Brown
  • A Remarkable Centenary: the Adventures of an Edwardian Lady Parachutist  Kenneth Hillier
  • The Leicester Theaatre (1800-1835)  J D Bennett
  • John Flower: Topographical Studies in Leicester and Leicestershire    Neil Finn
  • Leicester Church Congress 1919         Gerald T Rimmington
  • Whetstones and Goats: the unexpected!          David Ramsey
  • Local History and Heritage Groups in Leicestershire   Caroline Wessel

No 43 2007

Download the 2007 Leicestershire Historian

  • Henry Herbert & Son – a notable family of Leicester Builders            Caroline Wessel
  • Uncovering the Facts about St Mary”s Agricultural Colony, Whitwick  Maureen Havers
  • Beaumont Leys and its Parks   Stefan Cabaniuk and Anthony Squires
  • Rothley and the Abolition of the Slave Trade  Terry Sheppard
  • William Fry: educational pioneer and Anglican priest in Leicester (1839-1877) Gerald T Rimmington
  • “The Making of the English Landscape: Leicestershire”          Anthony Squires
  • Mawming and mooning – the minds of medieval masons       Bob Trubshaw
  • Elizabeth Heyrick (1769-1831) – “Friend of the Poor”           Jess Jenkins
  • The oldest Baptist Church in Leicestershire? Part 2     Erica Statham
  • New light on the beginnings of the Leicestershire Slate Industry         David Ramsey
  • “A distinct tonic” – The Pageant of Leicester (City and County) on its seventy-fifth anniversary Robin P Jenkins
  • George Smith of Coalville (1831-1895): Children”s Rights Protector Lois Edwards
  • Aldeby – the village that never was     Mark Carne
  • Tilton & District History Group: the first five years      Jim Auterson and Paul Herrington
  • See double – early Stereoscopic Pictures of Leicestershire      Alan McWhirr

No 42 2006

Download the 2006 Leicestershire Historian

Editor: Joyce Lee

  • Editorial 2
  • The Coming of Printing to Leicester John Hinks 3
  • “What is a Town without a Newspaper?” The formative years of newspapers in Loughborough up to the First World War Diana Dixon 7
  • The Jewish Burial Grounds at Gilroes Cemetery, Leicester Carol Cambers 11
  • Is Sutton in the Elms the oldest Baptist Church in Leicestershire? Erica Statham 16
  • “Sudden death sudden glory” A gravestone at Sutton in the Elms Jon Dean 17
  • Barwell Rectory in the 19th and early 20th centuries John V.G. Williams 18
  • A Survival from Georgian Leicester: Number 17 Friar Lane Terry Y. Cocks 21
  • Poor Relief in Nailstone 1799 Kathy Harman 24
  • The Prince Regent’s Visit to Belvoir, 1814 J. D. Bennett 27
  • “So hot an affair” Leicestershire men in the Crimean War – the Great Redan Robin P. Jenkins 29
  • Stephen Hilton – Industrialist, Churchman and Mayor Neil Crutchley 33
  • Nature in Trust: The First 50 Years of the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust Anthony Squires 36
  • Opening up village history to the world: Leicestershire Villages Web Portal project Chris Poole 40
  • The Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Historic Landscape Characterisation project John Robinson 42
  • University of Leicester – completed M.A. dissertations about Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Centre for English Local History 43
  • Recent Publications Ed John Hinks 46

No 41 2005

Download the 2005 Leicestershire Historian

  • Lubberly Leicestershire? Robin P. Jenkins
  • Grace Dieu Priory Kenneth Hillier
  • The Rabbit in Leicestershire Anthony Squires
  • Leicestershire's Oldest Gravestone? Kay E. Gowland
  • Early Days on "The Saff" Kate Hancock
  • Cockshaw's Diorama of Leicester Market Place
  • Swithland Wood - "secured as a National Heritage" by Rotary in 1925 Patrick J. Boylan
  • 1905 . A Year to Remember J.D. Bennett
  • Joseph Wood: Preacher of "Sweetness and Light" Gerald T. Rimmington
  • A Handbill for the old Great Central
  • Beaumanor Park and its role in World War II and beyond Mike Coleman 26
  • Medieval grave-slabs from Leicester Cathedral Terry Y. Cocks
  • The Location Puzzle of the Old Groby Mill David Ramsey
  • Online Sources for Historians - Treasure at your fingertips - Leicestershire Museums "Open Doors" Project Debbie Richards
  • Did Enderby become a Manor in order to settle a debt? Mark Carne
  • 150 years and still going! Alan McWhirr
  • Recent Publications Ed John Hinks
  • Leicestershire Archaeological and Historical Society Research Fund - Guidance notes for those applying for grants 48