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Photograph of the Guildhall in Leicester

Leicestershire Historian (Old Series) Vol 2


Volume 2 part 11 1980-1

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  • Editorial 3
  • An Appleby Adulterer before the Archdeacon A Roberts p.4
  • The Distresses of an Eighteenth Century Apothecary: Simon Mason in Market Harborough p.11
  • Lindley Hall Farm 1908-1915 Mrs H Tugby p.22
  • Lord Macaulay on the Leicester Parliamentary Election of 1826 p.24
  • Seventy Years Hard Labours S E Coleman p.28
  • Reports Mrs E M Dickson, J Goodacre p.31
  • Leicestershire and Rutland Local History Societies p.34
  • Book Reviews Mrs G K Long, J Goodacre, Miss S L Boase, Mrs H E Broughton, Mrs E M Dickson p.37

Volume 2 part 10 1979-80

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  • Editorial
  • Leicester Cafes J D Bennett p.5
  • Mountsorrel Childhood Recollections Miss E J Harrington p.11
  • The Humberstone Gate Pleasure Fairs in the Late Nineteenth Century Miss SL Boase p.16
  • The New Rail Roads, Or, the delight and pleasure of Travelling by Hot Water p.26
  • Charnwood Forest: some Histories, References and Guides published since 1900 Ian Keil p.31
  • Reports Mrs E M Dickson, B Elliott p.41
  • Book Reviews Mrs G K Long, J Goodacre, Mrs E M Dickson, B Elliott, D Fleming p.44


Volume 2 part 9 1978-9

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  • Editorial p.3
  • Basket-making in Melton Mowbray
    Miss E Sutherland p.5
  • A Country Life: the Gentry in Stuart Leicestershire
    D Fleming p.7
  • Leicester - as I remember it
    SEColeman p.17
  • Charnwood Forest: some Histories, References and Guides
    published before 1900
    Mrs G K Long p.22
  • Book Reviews
    Mrs G K Long, J Goodacre

Volume 2 part 8 1977

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  • Editorial p.3
  • A Country Carrier Frewin Gray p.4
  • The Tilton Family in America and its Link with
    with Tilton on the Hill
    Peter D A Blakesley 7
  • The Note-book of an English Recusant
    Bernard Elliott p.12
  • The Plight of an Unmarried Mother in the Early
    Seventeenth Century Helena Hajzyk p.24
  • Letters of a Loughborough Clockmaker J W Chapman p.29
  • Book Reviews p.44
    Mrs G K Long

Volume 2 part 7 1976

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  • Editorial
    Ten Years Mrs E M Dickson 4
  • The Story of Simpkin & James J D Bennett p.6
  • My First Job Mrs F Names p.15
  • Lutterworth in 1509 17
    Lutterworth Town Study Group
  • Peace and War : School Board Elections
    in Loughborough - 1890 to 1896
    B Elliot p.26
  • Book Reviews
    Mrs G K Long, J Goodacre p.32

Volume 2 part 6 1975

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  • Editorial 3
  • Richard Weston and the First Leicester Directory
    J D Bennett p.5
  • Loughborough's First School Board Election
    31 March 1875
    B Elliott p.10
  • Some Recollections of Belvoir Street,
    Leicester, in 1865
    H Hackett p.15
  • Bauthumley the Ranter
    E Welch p.18
  • The Day of the Year - November 14th 1902
    C S Dean p.25
  • Chartists in Loughborough
    P A Smith p.27
  • Book Reviews
    Mrs G K Long, J Goodacre p.32

Volume 2 part 5 1974

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  • Editorial
  • Twenty Five years of Local History
    Mrs. E. M. Dickson
  • Prestgrave Re-visited
    Miss E. J. Linford p.8
  • The Changing Scene in Leicestershire:
    The Natural History of a Midland County
    T. Squires p.12
  • The growth of Changeringing in the East Midlands
    C. J. Pickford p.18
    The Market Bosworth Local History Group E. Scott p.22
  • Local History in Rutland
    (1) The Rutland Local History Society
    (2) The Rutland Field Research Group for
    Archaeology and History p.24
  • Book Reviews
    Mrs. G. K. Long p.26

Volume 2 part 4 1973

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  • University Extension in Leicester Edwin Welch p.5
  • Observations on a Mill : Lutterworth Subscription Windmill John Goodacre p.9
  • Heraldry Around Us Drusilla Armitage p.16
  • The M69 Motorway Project Continued Reg Eyre p.20
  • The Early History of the Loughborough School Board Bernard Elliott p.22
  • From Poverty to Security : a story of nineteenth-century endeavour Monica Ory p.25
  • Book Reviews Mrs G Long p.33

Volume 2 part 3

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  • Leicestershire Legends Anthony Stuart p.4
  • Brushmaking and a Leicester brushmaker's family Robert Bennett p.6
  • Life in the Loughborough Workhouse Andre Becherand p.8
  • The Baptist Reporter Alan Betteridge p.12
  • The M.69 (Leicester Coventry Motorway) Ben Whitwell p.15
  • Book Reviews Mrs. G. Long, J. D. Goodacre p.18

Volume 2 part 2 Winter-Spring 1971

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  • The Great Air Race of 1911 J.E. Brownlow p.2
  • The Wooing Play in Leicestershire E. C. Cawte p.5
  • Keyham School H. M. Shore and A. G. Miles p.11
  • The Furnace at Moira Marilyn Palmer p.15
  • The Birth and Early History of the Leicestershire Constabulary C. R.Stanley p.21
  • Book Reviews Mrs. G. K. Long p.26
  • Local History Diary

Volume 2 part 1 Spring 1971

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  • The Railway Stations of Leicestershire Philip A. Stevens p.1
  • Eighteenth Century Newspapers as a Source of Local History D. Hopkinson p.6
  • Aspects of the 19th Century Hosiery Trade in Ratby Michael T. Ball p.11
  • Windmills in Leicestershire: An Introduction J. D. Bennett p.15
  • Miscellany p.26
  • Book Reviews Mrs. G. K. Long p.29
  • Local History Diary
  • Index to Volume 1 (separate enclosure)