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Photograph of the Guildhall in Leicester

Leicestershire Historian, Vols 51-56

No 56 2020

  • Editorial p.2
  • Palitoy: Leicestershire’s Toy Story Bob Brechin and Stuart Warburton p.3
  • From St Mary’s to St Petersburg – Rasputin, Revolution and Rescue! The story of Miss Zillah Henton, an English Nurse Bernadette Challinor p.9
  • Life with the Cunards at Nevill Holt Richard Graves p.13
  • More than Rossini's Stabat Mater: The 19th century Music and Musicians of the Holy Cross Priory, Leicester Patrick Boylan p.20
  • Ibstock, 1831–1931: The Growth of a Mining Community Pamela J. Fisher p.26
  • Market Bosworth in Domesday Book: A Cautionary Approach Anthony Squires and Chris Peat p.32
  • "‘The enjoyable use of leisure by means of country rambles and other gatherings’ 100 Years of the Leicester C.H.A. Rambling Club Shirley Aucott " Edna Blake p.37
  • ‘My Dear Madam’ - Letters sent from Susanna Watts to Mary Frewen 1805 to 1810 Shirley Aucott p.43
  • The Prehistoric Pedigree of Romano-British Bucket Escutcheons: The View from Mountsorrel Andrew W. Lamb p.49
  • ‘A Light of Other Days’: Cigar Manufacture in Leicester Cynthia Brown p.52
  • ‘These names are lamps of Sacrifice’: Coalville Memorial Clock Tower James White p.58
  • Brookfield: The Victorian Home of the Fielding Johnson Family 1869-1925 Caroline Wessel p.63
  • Recent Publications Ed Cynthia Brown p.69

No 55 2019

Download the 2019 Leicestershire Historian

Volume 55 has now been sent to members. An article on Dorothy Bovey in Historian 55, by Richard Graves, can be found here

  • Editorial p.2
  • Town Trails in Leicester Sally Hartshorne and Colin Hyde p.3
  • Churches in Leicestershire - Is the Writing on the Wall? Michael Hawkes p.8
  • Hinckley’s Answers to the Housing Question, 1923-1933 Paul Griffiths p.12
  • Thomas Emery the Radical (1821 - 1868) Ned Newitt p.18
  • Sir John Rolleston - a Very Local Man Cynthia Brown p.25
  • ‘To be Caring and Compassionate Nurses’: The History of the Leicester School of Nursing & Midwifery Katharine Short p.30
  • Dorothy Bovey - Botanical Artist and Adventurer (1923 - 2003) Richard Graves p.36
  • ‘That They Shall Have Life’: The University of Leicester Celebrates its Centenary Caroline Wessel p.41
  • The Tales of Two Stones Bob Trubshaw p.46
  • Leicestershire People and the Spanish Civil War Adrian Pole p.50
  • Two Victorian Notebooks: The Sermons of Charles Haddon of Bardon Park Chapel Alan Betteridge p.56
  • Recent Publications Ed Cynthia Brown p.62

No 54 2018

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  • Editorial p.2
  • ‘Go home and sit still’ - Elsie Inglis and the Scottish Women’s Hospitals Jess Jenkins p.3
  • Religious Revivalism in Leicestershire 200 Years Ago Alan Betteridge p.8
  • When ‘Germany Called the Tune’: Music, Liberalism and the Call to War Mark Gamble p.14
  • Beaumanor War and Peace – Behind the Scenes Caroline Wessel p.20
  • An Early Medieval Floor Tile from Garendon Abbey Andy Kirkland p.24
  • Publishing in Nineteenth Century Leicestershire J. D. Bennett p.29
  • The Leicester and Leicestershire Civil Defence Corps, 1948 – 1968 Jed Jaggard p.33
  • ‘Though seas divide us, yet our hearts are one’: The 1910 Homecoming to Leicester Cynthia Brown p.37
  • A Memorable Mayoralty: Alderman Sir Jonathan North, JP, DL, and Lady Kate Elizabeth North, Mayor and Mayoress of Leicester 1914-1918 Derek Seaton p.43
  • The Women of Hinckley and the First World War John Martin and Robert King p.49
  • Working Class Mothers and the Birth Control Movement (1930-1953) Shirley Aucott p.55
  • Recent Publications Ed Cynthia Brown p.62

No 53 2017

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Volume 53 contains the concluding article on the Basque refugee children who arrived in Leicester after fleeing the Spanish Civil War. This article can be downloaded for free here - Vol 53, pp.17-2. Parts 1 and 2 of this paper are also now available as a combined document here.

  • Editorial p.2
  • Bloodshed and Bitterness: How Leicestershire and Rutland got their First World War Memorials Elizabeth Blood p.3
  • ‘With intent to deceive and impose’: Fortune Telling in Victorian and Edwardian Britain Cynthia Brown p.10
  • Leicester’s refuge for Basque children from the Spanish Civil War (Part 2) Richard Graves p.17
  • The First Passenger Fatality on the Leicester & Swannington Railway, and its impact on improving Railway Safety Barry Kendall p.24
  • A Giant of the Victorian Stage performs in Leicester J. D. Bennett p.28
  • Breedon’s Healing Angel Bob Trubshaw p.31
  • A New Chapter for Charnwood Julie Attard p.35
  • The Great War comes to Leicester: an Ambulance Train, Midland Railway Station, 1.17 a.m. Robin Jenkins p.42
  • Early Council Housing: Hinckley leads the way Paul Griffiths p.45
  • Working Class Mothers and the Birth Control Movement (1830-1930) Shirley Aucott p.51
  • The Man from Catthorpe, a Leicestershire Victim - Serial Murder in the Victorian Era David Howell p.57
  • Recent Publications Ed Cynthia Brown p.62

No 52 2016

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  • Editorial p.2
  • Leicester’s refuge for Basque children from the Spanish Civil War (Part 1) Richard Graves p.3
  • The Medieval Parks of Market Bosworth Anthony Squires and Chris Peat p.11
  • Food and Fuel Rationing in Hinckley during World War I John Martin and Robert King p.19
  • The Leicestershire Business Maps of Stephens & Mackintosh Derek Deadman p.26
  • Hannah Holmes and Samuel Wells – Justice or Injustice? Brian Cousins p.31
  • Discovering Leicestershire’s Heritage Apples Nigel Deacon p.37
  • Turf Rituals Bob Trubshaw p.44
  • Charnwood Street – from the 1920s to 1970 Cynthia Brown p.47
  • ‘And Particularly All Nonconformist Ministers’: Leicestershire’s Rebel Suspects in 1685 Alan Betteridge p.56
  • Recent Publications Ed Cynthia Brown p.62



No 51 2015

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  • Editorial
  • ‘Joyous to a pitch of Baccanalian Vivacity’: John Nichols as bon viveur, good company and historian of Leicestershire Julian Pooley p.3
  • I am that Toad' Serendipity, Subathu and The Tigers: A brief record of Colonel Mark Kingsley Wardle David Howell p.9
  • ‘This land belongs to all of us’ Unemployment and the Leicester Landgrabbers, 1909 Cynthia Brown p.13
  • Education in Countesthorpe: From Origins to a Secure Foundation, 1706-1919 Emma Roberts p.19
  • The Cradocks of Belgrave Hall, and an inheritance wrangle Erica Statham p.25
  • Leicestershire Canal Wars of 1785 – Some Further Information Derek Deadman p.29
  • Leicestershire’s First Lost Houses J. Bennett p.32
  • From Berlin to New York via Leicester: The long journey of the Attenboroughs’ ‘adopted sisters’ (Part2) Richard Graves p.36
  • Leicestershire: a County of Inland Ports Bob Trubshaw p.43
  • ‘Buried Between Factories’: Bond Street Maternity Hospital 1905-1971 Shirley Aucott p.48
  • Recent Publications Cynthia Brown p.57