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Photograph of the Guildhall in Leicester

Leicestershire Historian, Vols 41-50

No 50 2014

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  • Editorial J. Lee p.2
  • From Berlin to New York via Leicester: The long journey of the Attenboroughs’ ‘adopted sisters’ (Part 1) R. Graves p.3
  • Map Covers on Sales Particulars D. Deadman p.11
  • Charnwood Street, Leicester: the first fifty years C. Brown 16
  • The Last Dandy Standing: Sir Lumley St George Skeffington (1771-1850) D.C.J. Howell p.23
  • The Thomas Clulow Affair P. Herrington p.28
  • "Resistance, Employment, Displacement: The Employment of Women in Leicestershire during the First World War" S. Aucott p.33
  • Shopping in Style J.D. Bennett p.42
  • The Grand Leicester Musical Festival of 1827 P.J. Boylan p.46
  • Gazetteer of 2014 History Fair Stalls C. Wessell p.55
  • Recent Publications C. Brown p.58



No 49 2013

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  • Editorial p.2
  • The ‘Battle of the Beams’ and Coalville Outstation of RAF 80 Wing (Signals)              Maureen Havers Terry Sheppard p.3
  • A Leicester Born Artist and Engraver: Mary Annie Sloane A.R.E. Shirley Aucott   p.9
  • The Pioneering Markfield to Bardon Wire Tramway                                                     Andrew Moore p.16
  • William Gardiner’s ‘Recollections of Old Leicester’  J. D. Bennett p.22
  • Enclosure of Thrussington   Celia Cotton   p.26
  • ‘Hope Against Hopelessness’ Leicester’s Homesteads for the Unemployed                Cynthia Brown p.33
  • Mary Ann Herrick (1795-1871): Artist and Benefactor – the ‘Dorcas’ of Woodhouse   Caroline Wessel  p.41
  • ‘No Better Preparation for Life’ The Leicestershire Adult School Union                       Enid Harrison  p.46
  • From Italy to Belgrave and Enderby: The Statues of Belgrave Hall                              Erica Statham   p.51
  • Everard Aloysius Lisle Phillipps VC – A Leicestershire Soldier in India                        David C. J. Howell p.55
  • Recent Publications   Ed Cynthia Brown p.62                                                                                                           

No 48 2012

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  • Editorial p.2
  • Lawrence Linnell (1870-1957): Leicester’s Winter Sport Champion Susan Barton 3
  • Subterranean Church Structures in Leicestershire Steve Mitchell 11
  • Royal Agricultural Society Shows in Leicester Andrew Moore 15
  • Gaddesby Church and the Cheney Monument Keith Randon 22
  • The Wesleyan Reform Union in Leicestershire during the Twentieth Century Gerald T. Rimmington 28
  • North–South Routes through Western Leicestershire Christopher Rigg 31
  • Trying to Get an Honest Living - an episode of passive resistance Cynthia Brown 38
  • Shooting Gargoyles: making headway Bob Trubshaw 42
  • Some High Notes from Hinckley’s Public Choral History Bob Gibson 44
  • Leicestershire’s Commemorative Plaques J. D. Bennett 50
  • The Apothecary: the history of the oldest advertisement in High Street, Leicester Edna Blake 54
  • Recent Publications Ed Cynthia Brown 63

No 47 2011

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  • Editorial p.2
  • How Leicester and Leicestershire celebrated the Coronation of King George V Robin Jenkins 3
  • ‘An eminent surveyor’ – John Sultzer of Burton Overy (1737 – 1782) France Rouse 9
  • Rescue and Redemption: Saving Leicester’s Fallen Women 1846 to 1900 Shirley Aucott 14
  • Richard Phillips, Pioneer of Radical Print John Hinks 22
  • The Seventeenth Century Sherley Brothers and Persia Irene Brightmer 27
  • The First Headmaster – Wilmot Pilsbury and the Leicester School of Art Christopher Halliday 30
  • The Tower upon John Hill in Bradgate Park – dispelling the myths David Ramsey 37
  • Miss Lawton’s Almshouses Caroline Wessel 41
  • Support for the South? J. D. Bennett 45
  • Hero or Villain? Robert de Herle of Donington le Heath Vanessa McLoughlin 48
    Gateways to the Past
  • No. 1 The Newarke and Colonel George Clarke Bellairs (1826-1922) Eileen Gumley 51
  • The Other Newarke Houses Eileen Gumley 53
  • The Newarke Bus Station Eileen Gumley 55
  • ‘Plucking Brands from the Burning’ Ministers of St Mary de Castro Beryl Hawkes 56
  • Ministers of St Mary de Castro Andrew Moore 57
  • Recent Publications Ed Cynthia Brown 63

No 46 2010

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  • Editorial p.2
  • The Road to the Workhouse: The story of the Harpers of
    Ashby-de-la-Zouch Kenneth Hillier pp.3-8
  • When the Balloon Didn't Go Up Cynthia Brown pp 9-15
  • Desford Industrial School: A Nineteenth Century Institution for 'Naughty Boys' Caroline Wessel pp16-20
  • Networks of Print in 'Radical Leicester' John Hinks pp 21-26
  • The Burton Brothers of Lindley Bob Gibson pp 27-33
  • Leicester - a Town Full of Nuisances? Erica Statham pp 34-5
  • Belmont House School - Class of 1883 Shirley Aucott pp 36-42
  • 'What is the Meaning of this Germanic barbarity?' - the Stoney Stanton TympanumBob Trubshaw pp 43-47
  • Keep the Rate School Out Terry Shepherd pp 48-50
  • Guide book in Hand...J.D. Bennett pp 51-55
  • Alan McWhirr (1937-2010) Marilyn Palmer, Gerard de Lisle, John Florance, Richard Atkinson, Glynn Richerby pp 56-61
  • Recent publications ed John Hinks pp 62-72


No 45 2009

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  • Pleasure and recreation in Bath lane, Leicester Alan McWhirr and Lynden Cooper pp 3-7
  • Travels through Quorn's past Kathryn Paterson pp 8-10
  • Thomas Henry Fosbrooke (1862-1925) - an architect's pictorial legacy Christine Taggart pp 11-17
  • 'Do it with pride': working lives at Joseph Johnson's department store Edna Blake and Erica Statham pp 18-24
  • Working Lives Cynthia Brown p 25
  • Leicester ladies reading society Caroline Wessel pp 26-30
  • John Martin: quarry manager and talented Leicestershire topographical artist David Ramsay pp 31-35
  • Dr Elias Travers DD Rector of Thurcaston cum Cropston Margaret Greiff pp 36-39
  • Hallaton adapts Bob Trubshaw pp 40-43
  • Thomas Burbidge: the last Town Clerk to the Corporation of Leicester Malcolm Noble pp 44-47
  • Ashby de la Zouch's early theatricals Kenneth Hillierpp 48-52
  • St. Hilda's Leicester: the church that never grew up Gerald T Rimmington pp 53-56
  • Fanny Palmer (1812-1876): railway artist - a supplementary note J.D. Bennett pp 57-58
  • Local history and heritage groups in Leicestershire - additions/amendments Caroline Wessel p 59
  • Recent publications ed. John Hinks pp 60-68


No 44 2008

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  • “This must not end her!” – The Club   Caroline Wessel
  • Wyverns of Leicester   Celia Cotton
  • Thurmaston: an Industrial Village shaped by Framework Knitting       Jennifer Harris
  • The Tram Horses of Leicester  Lois Edwards
  • Leicestershire connections with the London Virginia Company          Bob Gibson
  • Hugh Aston (c. 1485-1558): Composer and Mayor of Leicester       Patrick J Boylan
  • “Hands on History”: Researching the history of the Leicester Branch of the WEA Cynthia Brown
  • A Remarkable Centenary: the Adventures of an Edwardian Lady Parachutist  Kenneth Hillier
  • The Leicester Theaatre (1800-1835)  J D Bennett
  • John Flower: Topographical Studies in Leicester and Leicestershire    Neil Finn
  • Leicester Church Congress 1919         Gerald T Rimmington
  • Whetstones and Goats: the unexpected!          David Ramsey
  • Local History and Heritage Groups in Leicestershire   Caroline Wessel

No 43 2007

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  • Henry Herbert & Son – a notable family of Leicester Builders            Caroline Wessel
  • Uncovering the Facts about St Mary”s Agricultural Colony, Whitwick  Maureen Havers
  • Beaumont Leys and its Parks   Stefan Cabaniuk and Anthony Squires
  • Rothley and the Abolition of the Slave Trade  Terry Sheppard
  • William Fry: educational pioneer and Anglican priest in Leicester (1839-1877) Gerald T Rimmington
  • “The Making of the English Landscape: Leicestershire”          Anthony Squires
  • Mawming and mooning – the minds of medieval masons       Bob Trubshaw
  • Elizabeth Heyrick (1769-1831) – “Friend of the Poor”           Jess Jenkins
  • The oldest Baptist Church in Leicestershire? Part 2     Erica Statham
  • New light on the beginnings of the Leicestershire Slate Industry         David Ramsey
  • “A distinct tonic” – The Pageant of Leicester (City and County) on its seventy-fifth anniversary Robin P Jenkins
  • George Smith of Coalville (1831-1895): Children”s Rights Protector Lois Edwards
  • Aldeby – the village that never was     Mark Carne
  • Tilton & District History Group: the first five years      Jim Auterson and Paul Herrington
  • See double – early Stereoscopic Pictures of Leicestershire      Alan McWhirr

No 42 2006

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Editor: Joyce Lee

  • Editorial 2
  • The Coming of Printing to Leicester John Hinks 3
  • “What is a Town without a Newspaper?” The formative years of newspapers in Loughborough up to the First World War Diana Dixon 7
  • The Jewish Burial Grounds at Gilroes Cemetery, Leicester Carol Cambers 11
  • Is Sutton in the Elms the oldest Baptist Church in Leicestershire? Erica Statham 16
  • “Sudden death sudden glory” A gravestone at Sutton in the Elms Jon Dean 17
  • Barwell Rectory in the 19th and early 20th centuries John V.G. Williams 18
  • A Survival from Georgian Leicester: Number 17 Friar Lane Terry Y. Cocks 21
  • Poor Relief in Nailstone 1799 Kathy Harman 24
  • The Prince Regent’s Visit to Belvoir, 1814 J. D. Bennett 27
  • “So hot an affair” Leicestershire men in the Crimean War – the Great Redan Robin P. Jenkins 29
  • Stephen Hilton – Industrialist, Churchman and Mayor Neil Crutchley 33
  • Nature in Trust: The First 50 Years of the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust Anthony Squires 36
  • Opening up village history to the world: Leicestershire Villages Web Portal project Chris Poole 40
  • The Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Historic Landscape Characterisation project John Robinson 42
  • University of Leicester – completed M.A. dissertations about Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland Centre for English Local History 43
  • Recent Publications Ed John Hinks 46

No 41 2005

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  • Lubberly Leicestershire? Robin P. Jenkins
  • Grace Dieu Priory Kenneth Hillier
  • The Rabbit in Leicestershire Anthony Squires
  • Leicestershire's Oldest Gravestone? Kay E. Gowland
  • Early Days on "The Saff" Kate Hancock
  • Cockshaw's Diorama of Leicester Market Place
  • Swithland Wood - "secured as a National Heritage" by Rotary in 1925 Patrick J. Boylan
  • 1905 . A Year to Remember J.D. Bennett
  • Joseph Wood: Preacher of "Sweetness and Light" Gerald T. Rimmington
  • A Handbill for the old Great Central
  • Beaumanor Park and its role in World War II and beyond Mike Coleman 26
  • Medieval grave-slabs from Leicester Cathedral Terry Y. Cocks
  • The Location Puzzle of the Old Groby Mill David Ramsey
  • Online Sources for Historians - Treasure at your fingertips - Leicestershire Museums "Open Doors" Project Debbie Richards
  • Did Enderby become a Manor in order to settle a debt? Mark Carne
  • 150 years and still going! Alan McWhirr
  • Recent Publications Ed John Hinks
  • Leicestershire Archaeological and Historical Society Research Fund - Guidance notes for those applying for grants 48