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Photograph of the Guildhall in Leicester

Leicestershire Historian, Vols 34-40

No 40 2004

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  • Editorial p.2
  • W. G. Hoskins at work Margaret Bonney p.3
  • A murderer pardoned and a judge defied Terry Cocks p.5
  • From Loughborough to Lambeth J D Bennett p.6
  • An unusual marriage ceremony Terry Cocks p.7
  • A wine merchant, botanist and poet Jess Jenkins p.8
  • William Clavell Ingram, Vicar of St Matthews, Leicester Gerald Rimmington p.9
  • George Dewes and his Leicestershire schooldays, 1834-1844 Martin Coombs p.13
  • Exploring Leicestershire's churchyards - part 2 Alan McWhirr p.16
  • Wardening in Leicestershire and Rutland Carolyn Holmes p.22
  • The Ladybird from Angel Yard Pat Grundy p.24
  • John Henry Stokes an Edwardian horse dealer p.26
  • Leicestershire and Rutland Notes and Queries and Antiquarian Gleaner - a treasury of information Joyce Lee p.28
  • Recent Books John Hinks p.34

No 39 2003

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  • Editorial p.2
  • The Diary of Ada Jackson - 120 years on p.3
  • Letter to the Editor - William Jesse Freer K Oldham p.5
  • Four Broadside Ballads of Leicestershire Roy Palmer p.6
  • Exploring Leicestershire's Churchyards Alan McWhirr p.11
  • Should he ne'er come back again: a diary revisited Michael Freeman p.17
  • A Narborough Will Hilda Stoddart p.21
  • Changing Landscape - the enclosure of Humberstone John Rowley p.22
  • Local groups and societies - update p.26
  • Our American Visitors J D Bennett p.29
  • Recent Publications John Hinks p.32

No 38 2002

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  • Editorial
  • Celebrating the Jubilee Joyce Lee and Jon Dean
  • Reinterpreting Daniel Lambert Yolanda Courtney
  • Leicester Choral and Dramatic Society Neil Crutchley
  • It's Good to Talk - Eact Midlands Oral History Archive Cynthia Brown
  • William Green 1784-1881 Sheila Mileham
  • The Central Lending Library, Belvoir Street Balwinder Dhaliwal
  • The Reverend John Harwood Hill, F.S.A. Gerald T. Rimmington
  • Take a Second Look at that Piece of Charnwood Slate David Ramsey
  • Former Officer of this Society - William Jesse Freer Alan McWhirr
  • Donington le Heath Manor House - Family Connections 1086-1670 Vanessa McLoughlin
  • Local Groups Report of their Activities
  • Recently Published Books on the County

No 37 2001

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  • Editorial
  • George Samuel Elgood 1851-1943 Eve Eckstein
  • Dickens in Leicester J D Bennett
  • Family connections: Donington le Heath Vanessa McLoughlin
  • Local History in the Illustrated London News J D Bennett
  • Did your ancestors serve in South Africa? Robin P Jenkins
  • Where To? How Far? (part 2) Joyce Lee and Jon Dean
  • Leicestershire and Rutland History on the Web Editor
  • Keyham Board School Michael Freeman
  • Three Leicestershire Family Connections with the Early Tudor Court Ian Payne
  • Recently Published Books on the County

No 36 2000

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  • Editorial
  • Charles Throsby          Wolf Mayer
  • A County Connection of the “Vicar of Bray”  Ian Payne
  • A Leicestershire stock-breeder in Domesday Book?    Anthony Rollings
  • The Ancient Bounds of Scraptoft        John W Rowley
  • Where To? How Far?   Joyce Lee & Jon Dean
  • John Barnett - a Baptist minister at Blaby        Gerald Rimmington
  • A Very Disputable Science - Phrenology in Victorian Leicester          Cynthia Brown
  • Your Convenience: History of Leicester”s Sanitation  Stuart Warburton
  • Seeing the Past Alan McWhirr

No 35 1999

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  • Editorial
  • Victorian Commemorative Plaques Arthur Sadler
  • Cotes juxta Lughborowe Joan and Peter Shaw
  • Leicestershire Historic Buildings Trust Philip Jordan
  • The Meltonians J D Bennett
  • Cheney of Gaddesby A K Baker
  • 125 years of the Leicester Mercury Steve England
  • Friendly Societies of Leicestershire, 1800-1900 Y J Wattam
  • Eric Jordan and the Loughborough Carillon Neil Crutchley
  • Some useful web sites for local and genealogical studies Pam Howell & Chris Hodgson
  • Supplementary list of articles on Leicestershire history J D Bennett
  • A medieval font for your computer
  • Recently published books on the county
  • Mystery photograph

No 34 1998

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  • Editorial
  • William Gardiner Neil Crutchley
  • Dating Gravestones under the old-style calendar N T Harvey Williams
  • What made James Hawker write his memoires R L Greenall
  • Local history in tombstones Alan McWhirr
  • Leicester Church Congress 1880 Gerald T Rimmington
  • How well do you know your county? Editor
  • James Throsby - Antiquarian gossip columnist Helen Edwards
  • John WIldman of Burton Joan and Peter Shaw
  • More Throsby snippets Editor
  • Equine encounters Joyce Lee
  • Recently published books on the county