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Leicestershire Archaeological and Historical Society
Founded 1855

Photograph of the Guildhall in Leicester

Officers of the Society


  • Prof. P. Ackers
  • Mrs. C. Brown
  • Dr. R. Buckley
  • Mr. D. Howell
  • Mr. R. Jenkins
  • Ms. W. Scott
  • Ms. H. Sharp
  • Prof. E. Tingle
  • Mrs. C. Wessel
  • Dr. D.L. Wykes
  • Plus the Officers

Vice Presidents

  • The High Sheriff of Leicestershire
  • The Chairman of Leicestershire County Council
  • The Lord Mayor of Leicester
  • Squire G. de Lisle
  • Mr. O.D. Lucas
  • Miss. J.E. Mellor
  • Dr. D.L. Wykes
President Patrick J. Boylan
Honorary Secretary Jim Butler secretary@lahs.org.uk
Honorary Treasurer (acting) Simon Atkins treasurer@lahs.org.uk
Honorary Librarian Aubrey Stevenson library@lahs.org.uk
Honorary Editor - Transactions John Thomas editortransactions@lahs.org.uk
Honorary Editor - Leics Historian Joyce Lee  editorhistorian@lahs.org.uk
Honorary Reviews Editor Cynthia Brown reviewshistorian@lahs.org.uk
Honorary Membership Secretary Matthew Beamish membership@lahs.org.uk
Honorary Newsletter Editor Cynthia Brown  newsletter@lahs.org.uk
Honorary Lecture Secretary Yolanda Courtney lectures@lahs.org.uk
Networks Project Officer Joe Hall networks@lahs.org.uk
Honorary Publicity Secretary Joe Hall publicity@lahs.org.uk  
Web Manager (acting) Matthew Beamish website@lahs.org.uk 
Special Projects Officer Position vacant projects@lahs.org.uk