School of Historical Studies

Carolingian Polyptyques

St-Maur-des-Fossés Glossary

I iornale
– one day's ploughing
ad carnem – for meat
antequam acciperet maritum – before receiving a husband
arpent – a measure of land/vineyards
bannus – ban
bunari – area of land
capon – fatted male chicken
carradam de virga – cartload of rods
carropera – cartage service
carruam – cartage service
caseum – cheese
cavaticarii – tax-payers
– rent
communiter – altogether
congruis adiacentiis – adjacent land
cooperetur – help
corbadam – plough service
culturae – cultivated areas
curtem – home farm
de alio latere – the other side
de carractionibus – reeds
de garbis de campania – corn stacks in the field
de pascione – Easter
de suis diebus – his own [free] days
de uno latere – on one side
denarius – silver coin
faculas – small torches
familia – estate
frons – frontage
germani - brother
haribannum – army tax
hostilicum – army tax
in altum - alternatively
in banno – for the ban
in eulogiis panes – bread
in posterum – in the future
in tertia ebdomada – every third week
in unaquaque ebdomada – each and every week
inter duos mansos - between two farms
inter totos annis singulis – every single year
inter tres mansos – per three farms
leuva - a unit of area
libra – pound
lignari – cut wood
lino fascium – flax or pitch-torch
mansi[h]ospicia – dependent holdings/farms
mansicaroperarii – free farm owing ploughing service
mansimanoperarii – unfree farm owing manual service
mansi servilis – unfree farms
mansionem – main house
mansos absos – uninhabited farms
mansus indominicatum – a farm belonging to the lord
mapaticas/mappae - strips of land
modius – unit of measure
multones – mules
oblations - friendship tax
ortum – garden
pascionemde vino – wine pasture
pecturam culturam dominicata - the cultivated area of the demesne
per annos singulos – every single year
prato – meadow
pro bove – instead of oxen
pro homine redimendo de oste - for the remission of a man from army service
senioris granicam – the older grange
siceram - scythe or rye
solidus – gold coin
sub servitutis iugo – under the yoke of servitude
suprapositis – roundabout
tali ratione – in such a way
terra censale – rent-paying land
uniquisque – each and every one
uniussationis – one sowing
vervecus (vervex, vervecis) – wether sheep
vestiti mansi – inhabited farm
via publica – public road
vindemialis – grape harvest
vinericiam - wine haulage
viridarius – orchard



UPDATED:January 2008
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