School of Historical Studies

Carolingian Polyptyques

Brevium Exempla Glossary

– lambs
beneficium – held in benefice
capras – she-goats
casa dominicata – a desmesne household, a household belonging to a lord
denarius – silver coin
dolatorus – an adze: a woodworking tool with a cutting blade in the shape of a hoe or
plane, rather than an axe.
hircos – he-goats
iurnales – a measure of land
modius – a measure of weight
pictura – a measure of land, here vineyards
seiga – a measure of weight
sextarius – a measure of weight
sicclus – a measure of weight
solidus – gold coin
vasa apium – beehives
vervex – wether sheep
vineis – vineyard


UPDATED:January 2008
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