Archaeoastronomy programs


This page contains downloadable programs useful in archaeoastronomy, including those referred to in Astronomy in Prehistoric Britain and Ireland. The intellectual property rights are owned by the stated authors, who have given permission that their software may be downloaded and taken for personal use. The software may not be offered for sale or profit, and may only be distributed with the permission of the owner. By downloading any of these programs the person or agency doing so, hereinafter "the User", agrees to the following conditions:

The software authors and the owners of this Web page (hereinafter "the Providers") accept no responsibility for the operation of the software or for the correctness of the results obtained from it, and no legal liability in contract tort or otherwise shall attach to them arising out of the use of the software. It is further agreed that the User will indemnify the Providers so that in the event of either being sued by a third party in an action arising out of this agreement, the Providers will suffer no damages or costs incurred by such action.

HORIZON FINDER, by David Dearborn

Program to scan an image and produce a digitised and calibrated horizon profile. Click here for more details.

POHUALLI, by Arkadiusz Soltysiak & Arnold Lebeuf

Mesoamerican calendar conversion program. Click here for more details.

Uxmal. Copyright © Clive Ruggles

Stenness. Copyright © Clive Ruggles

DECPAK, by Clive Ruggles

A set of three DOS programs to assist in calculating declinations from field survey data. Click here for more details.

ODDS AND ENDS, by Clive Ruggles

A few further miscellaneous programs useful in the course of archaeoastronomical field survey. Click here for more details.

Reanascreena. Copyright © Clive Ruggles

Author: Clive Ruggles