Course AR3015

SAMPLE Lecture Timetable (2003)

Lectures take place on Thursdays at 1.30-3.30 in Astley Clarke 10, except where otherwise stated.

Welcome and Introduction to Course

Week 15, Jan 30 Introductory session--timetable, books, use of Web. The nature and development of archaeoastronomy

Astronomy in prehistoric Britain and Ireland

Week 16, Feb 6 Sun, moon and stones: the arguments surrounding "classic" astronomical sites

Week 17, Feb 13 Going for groups: looking for trends in groups of monuments

Week 18, Feb 21Archaeoastronomy in Britain and Ireland: key ideas, issues and themes [Part 1]
NB This lecture is on FRIDAY at 12.30-2.30 in Room FJ 1119.

Week 19, Feb 27 Planetarium session followed by: Archaeoastronomy in Britain and Ireland: key ideas, issues and themes [Part 2]

Week 20, Mar 6 SEMINAR: Interpretation and explanation: the social context of astronomy in prehistoric Britain and Ireland (seminars)

World Archaeoastronomy

Week 21, Mar 13 European archaeoastronomy: orientations of tombs, temples and churches

Week 22, Mar 20 The rise of American archaeoastronomy and the 'green' v. 'brown' methodological divide

Week 23, May 1 Integrating evidence from art and ethnohistory

Week 24, May 8 Astronomy in context: case studies from modern indigenous groups

Week 25, May 15 SEMINAR: Theory and method in archaeoastronomy: key issues (seminars)

And finally...

Week 26, May 22 Field trip to the Peak District

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