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Emu in the sky
Dark skies
The natural heritage of astronomy
It is important to recognise and, where possible, to strive to preserve, the visible link between the cultural heritage of astronomy and the natural heritage of the dark night sky. For this reason, the Astronomy and World Heritage Working Group is collaborating closely with organisations concerned with protecting and preserving the dark night sky, such as the The Starlight Initiative and the Dark Skies Advisory Group.
See also the web pages of the Dark Skies Awareness IYA cornerstone project.
An example
The extraordinary picture on the left shows the imposing shape of the “emu in the sky” known to Australian Aboriginals. Below it is a rock art depiction of the same celestial emu. It is necessary to experience a truly dark night sky in order to appreciate the astonishing visual impact of dark cloud ‘constellations’ such as this. Photo © Barnaby Norris.
IAU Commission 41
We are a Working Group of C41/ICHA — IAU Commission 41 and the Inter-Union Commission for the History of Astronomy
IYA 2009
Astronomy and World Heritage is one of 11 Cornerstone Projects for the International Year of Astronomy 2009
World Heritage Review no. 54
Astronomy and World Heritage is the theme of the latest issue (no. 54) of UNESCO’s quarterly review World Heritage
The Working Group is collaborating with The Starlight Initiative to help preserve the natural heritage of the dark night sky
National Initiatives
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