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The Pander Society...

..the international association of palaeontologists and stratigraphers with a common interest in the study of conodonts. Open to anyone with an interest in conodonts.

con-nexus... email-based forum for the rapid exchange of ideas and information concerning conodonts and conodont research.

ICOS 2009

The second International Conodont Symposium will be held at the University of Calgary during July 2009. General information is provided via this link, but more detailed information will be provided at (not yet live) or by contacting Charles Henderson (Chairman of ICOS 2009) via email.

ICOS 2006

Abstracts of the meeting (pdf) available here.

Following from the succesful series of meetings held under the ECOS banner, ICOS 2006, the first International Conodont Symposium was held in Leicester, UK, in 2006. Click here to go to the ICOS2006 website.

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