Attenborough Tower and Attenborough Seminar Block

Photograph of the Attenborough tower

Eighteen stories tall and perched atop one of the few significant hills in the City of Leicester, the Attenborough Tower can be seen from miles away and the views from its top floor are spectacular, extending far into the county. Originally planned as the first of three towers, the Attenborough was designed by Arup Associates and opened in 1970. It is named after Frederick Attenborough (1887-1973), Principal of the University College from 1931 to 1951, who lived on campus with his sons David and Richard.

Interesting fact: The Attenborough Tower contains one of the last working paternosters in Britain.

Campus video

Photograph of Victroria park with the Attenborough tower in the background

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UPDATED: 09 February 2009
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