Henry Wellcome Building

Photograph inside of the Henry Wellcome building

One of the most modern buildings on campus, the Henry Wellcome Building was designed by Fairhursts Design Group and opened in 2006. The £22.5 million cost was shared between the University and the Wellcome Trust, the largest non-Governmental funding body for biomedical research. As well as the School of Biological Sciences and the School of Psychology, it is home to the Frank and Katherine May Lecture Theatre, named after Frank May MBE, a local businessman and long-term supporter of the University. John Sydney Carter's sculptures 'Atomica' and 'Vortex' can be seen inside the building and outside the main entrance.

Interesting fact: Of all the people who have given their names to University of Leicester buildings, Henry Wellcome (1853-1936) is the only one who has no personal connection with the University.

Campus video

Photograph of Victroria park with the Attenborough tower in the background

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